How Suppliers Can Help Sealcoaters

Rob Vance, Vance Brothers, says that 25 years ago when a contractor pulled into a supplier for a load of sealer or to begin the process of opening an account, suppliers would make sure the contractor knew the basics of sealcoating because proper preparation and application procedures affect how the sealer works.

"We would remind them to pull weeds from the cracks and fill them, to sweep the parking lot, to mix the sealer properly according to specs," Vance says. "Today, due to the maturity of our industry over 25 years, this knowledge is generally known. However we are always there to assist new startup companies or accounts."

So especially in today's sealcoating business it's important that contractors let their suppliers know what the contractor expects from them.

"If they're new we can help them make sure the sealer performs at its best," Vance says. "If they are a veteran contractor can we can help them in any number of ways but they need to communicate to us what those ways are."