Infrared Equipment Manufacturers to Introduce New Association

There are many contractors in the pavement maintenance industry and many existing and possible clients who don't know the benefits of infrared. KM International, KASI Infrared, Heat Design Equipment, Inc., Asphalt Reheat Systems, and Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation have joined together to form a new infrared industry association.

Cliff Cameron, director of sales and marketing with KM International, says the purpose of the non-profit organization is to perpetuate, educate, and keep the industry going. The association hopes to increase the credibility of the infrared industry while instilling confidence in the process and helping to grow its acceptance.

One of the first goals of the association is to clarify what is infrared and what is the process.

"As manufacturers, when we sell infrared we can all offer individual ideas but we still have an association where we all agree 'This is what the basis is. We have to start here and go forward,'" Cameron says.

Benefits for Contractors
Although manufacturers started the association, Cameron says membership is intended to include contractors and others involved in the asphalt industry. The association will offer contractors the opportunity for social networking as well as provide them with a wealth of information and education on many aspects of the infrared industry and infrared repair.