Latest & Greatest Light Compaction

According to a recent Rental Product News survey of rental businesses, 69 percent of respondents who intended to buy new equipment in 2010 planned to buy plates and rammers. With that in mind, following is a roundup of what leading manufacturers have to offer in new plates, rammers and more.

Wacker Neuson improves rammer performance

Wacker Neuson's BS 60-4s four-cycle rammer features a new exclusive engine that offers more power and improved compaction performance.

"The new WM 100, with its extra horsepower and torque, allowed our engineers to optimize the ramming system," says Dave Schulenberg, compaction product manager for Wacker Neuson. The BS 60-4s now hits at 700 blows per minute and has an amplitude (stroke) of 2.8 inches, improving productivity, compaction performance and handling in high lift applications.

Operators will also notice that the BS 60-4s is easier to start as the result of a purge bulb carburetor. The purge bulb allows the operator to purge air out of the carburetor and replace it with fuel. Because the fuel is being pulled through rather than forced into the carburetor, there is no danger of over priming. This also allows for easier, faster starting with less effort.

Wacker Neuson's four-cycle rammer continues to feature the patented low oil shutoff. According to the company, Wacker Neuson rammers are the only rammers to offer an air filter compensating carburetor for longer service life between air filter changes. The unique three-phase air filtration system provides virtually dust-free engine operation for longer life and improved durability.

In other news, Wacker Neuson, the only manufacturer of two-cycle rammers in the world, announces the newest models are compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and European Community (EU) emission regulations through 2015. The BS-2i rammer series is powered by the company's own WM 80 engine. This engine was specifically designed for rammer applications and has continued to be popular with contractors because of the simple, yet durable design.

According to Schulenberg, "The numbers really speak for themselves. Since 2008, we have reduced hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides (HC+Nox) emissions by 85 percent and total emissions by 41 percent. As a matter of fact, the WM 80 emissions are 44-percent lower than its four-stoke competitors. This was accomplished through a new cylinder design and exhaust after treatment."

JCB introduces light compaction line

JCB has expanded its North American equipment range with the addition of JCB Light Equipment, including a line of compaction equipment.

The JCB VMF forward plate compactor series has been specifically designed for easy, effective compaction of asphalt, soil and other non-cohesive (or less-cohesive) materials. Built for fast travel and high productivity, these machines feature powerful Honda engines (Hatz Diesel on the VMF 130D) and a wear-resistant, high-grade cast tamping plate for optimum durability. All models are available with an optional sprinkler and throttle kit.

The JCB VMP reversible plate compactors series provides a choice of models to suit every application. All units are hydrostatically operated and designed to effectively compact granular and cohesive material. With both reversing and stationary features, these machines allow users to carry out compaction tasks in confined areas where turning would otherwise be difficult or impossible. All VMP models feature a single forward/reverse control lever as well as specially balanced and isolated guide bars to protect the operator against hand-arm vibration effects. To extend product life, the JCB VMP series is equipped with lifetime-lubricated vibrator bearings along with a wear-resistant, high-grade cast damping plate.

The VMR 'Jumping Jack' Rammers Series features a low-maintenance design that allows the machine to operate for longer periods of time, resulting in greater productivity. These rammers generate a horizontal force to propel themselves forward, making them easier for operators to handle. The rammers feature special damping plate material that acts as a shock absorber, as well as a protected air cleaner on top of the machine for even easier operation and maintenance.

Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers walk-behind roller compactors

The SX- and DX-Series of single- and double-drum walk-behind compactors are designed for high productivity in hot mix asphalts (HMA) and in applications involving mixed soils and sub-base aggregates.

The SX- and DX-Series include a total of six models ranging from the SX-170H single-drum compactor delivering 2,000 pounds of centrifugal force, to the DX-700E with 4,492 pounds of centrifugal force.

The SX-170H, DX-600H and DX-700H models are powered by Honda four-cycle gasoline engines for dependable operation. All were designed with the same performance features as the diesel offering of the DX-500E, DX-600E and DX-700E, which utilize liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engines. All DX-Series models feature standard electric start.

The SX-170H single-drum unit has a drum diameter of 17.7 inches, a drum width of 22 inches and an operating weight of 595 pounds. With a curb clearance of 13.4 inches and side clearance of 0.75 inches, the SX-170H is optimal for work adjacent to curbs and walls.

The DX-500E has a drum diameter of 14 inches (356 millimeters), a drum width of 22.6 inches, an operating weight of 1,300 pounds and offers 2,654 pounds of centrifugal force. The DX-600E has a drum diameter of 14 inches, a drum width of 25 inches and an operating weight of 1,410 pounds. The DX-600H is slightly lighter with an operating weight of 1,345 pounds and both deliver 3,086 pounds of centrifugal force. All three - DX-500E, DX-600E and DX-600H models - provide 8.7 inches of curb clearance, which combined with their narrow side clearance and compact footprint allow for operation in confined spaces.

The DX-700E has a drum diameter of 16 inches, a drum width of 25.5 inches and an operating weight of 1,630 pounds. The DX-700H has an operating weight of 1,565 pounds and both deliver 4,492 pounds of centrifugal force, providing 9.7 inches of curb clearance.

Maneuverability is enhanced with the SX- and DX-Series through the compactor's hydrostatic propulsion system, which allows operators to vary rolling speed to meet application demands without changing the governing engine speed.

Bomag redesigns plates and trench compactors

Bomag's redesigned line of BP Single-Directional Vibratory Plates offer greater performance and versatility at a low cost. The BP series offer a higher centrifugal force, wider working width and a higher working speed than previous models, making them ideal for small landscaping and soil compaction jobs, as well as patios and asphalt.

The BVP line includes two models - the BVP 10/36 and the BVP 18/45 - designed to be versatile, hardworking machines that can be used for a variety of jobs, from soil compaction to asphalt to pavers and patios.

The Bomag BMP 8500 Multi-Purpose Articulated Compactor is powered by a 19.4-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, delivering high compaction output due to its dual exciters and directed centrifugal force. The machine offers two selectable amplitudes, resulting in two centrifugal force output options - 8,000 and 16,000 pounds.

Dynapac introduces new LF plates

Dynapac's new series of LF forward compaction plates feature improved speed, flexibility and performance. Engineered for asphalt applications and available with a number of options to customize the plates, the new models are approximately 20 percent faster than their predecessors. The Dynapac LF75 and LF100 plates are easily convertible from soil to asphalt applications and feature a specially engineered bottom plate and a unique water distribution system to be effective in all types of asphalt jobs.

The new Dynapac LF series bottom plate has been designed so its edges give a well-defined contact surface that will leave no marks on the mat.

The Dynapac LF series also features a unique patented water distribution system that is integrated into the bottom plate. Water consumption is optimized by means of a flow adjustment valve that is easily reached by the operator. A large removable water tank with a secured cap makes refills swift, simple and less frequent; this also allows for longer shift operation and more output per day. Maintenance is easier as well because there are no pipes or sprinklers to clean.

The Dynapac LF75 and LF100 weigh 165 pounds and 205 pounds respectively. The LF75 is available with a Honda engine and a 16.5-inch bottom plate. The LF100 is available in a gas or diesel option and features a 20-inch-wide bottom plate.

The LF series is equipped with Dynapac's Low-Vib handle, which reduces exposure to hand-arm transmitted vibrations and increases operator comfort.

Multiquip rammer offers maximum performance

The MQ MTX70 features a long-lasting composite clutch to ensure optimum contact between composite shoes and clutch drum for maximum performance. Other standard features include built-in hourmeter/tachometer for accurate usage tracking, unique throttle control and Cyclonic Air Filtration System, lengthening the component life with less maintenance than ever before.

Specialty Asphalt introduces mini plate compactor

Specialty Asphalt Products introduces the Double Impact Mini Plate Compactor, a plate compactor small enough to be used where others simply cannot go. Easily managed by one person, this four-stroke, gasoline engine compactor has many uses.

From concrete or asphalt to dirt and everything in between, the Mini Plate Compactor replaces manual tamping, saving users time, energy and money.

Due to a special vibrator weight design, this compactor is balanced through the range of rotation, except for vertical force. Vertically up and down, this compactor focuses the energy on the work, not the operator.

The patent-pending, 27-lb. mini plate compactor features 6,000 rpm with a 300-lb. effective force and a four-stroke gas engine. The compactor also features vibration isolation and the replaceable impact shoe articulates front to rear to help provide contact over contours.

Stone Construction Equipment offers Silver Fox plates and Stompers

Stone Construction Equipment features the Stomper line, which includes three models of four-cycle rammers. Models XH670, XH730, XH840 are ideal for narrow trenches to areas requiring optimum impact. Each is powered by a four-cycle Honda engine, which is fully EPA approved, meeting the toughest emission standards. The engine and carburetor have been specifically designed for rammer applications. The engine is easy starting and eliminates use of two-cycle oil or pre-mixing of fuel. The engine design also allows the Stompers to be laid down in any direction for easy transport and provides worry-free starting when standing.

Stone four-cycle Stompers' design combines precise spring force, crank throw and weight to produce maximum impact force. The XH670 weighs in at 132 lbs., has an impact force of 2,650 lbs. and has a 10" x 13" poly shoe. The XH730 weighs 140 lbs., has an impact force of 3,100 lbs., has an 11" x 13" poly shoe, and like the XH670 features a 3 hp Honda engine. The XH840 is powered by a 4-hp Honda, weighs 145 lbs., and has an impact force of 3,500 lbs. with an 11" x 13" shoe.

Stone's Silver Fox Series of Forward Plates consists of eight models including a plate designed specifically for optimum performance on asphalt - the SFA3500.

Models in addition to the SFA3500 include a small 13" wide SFP2200 / SFP2200A and the popular all-purpose SFP3000 / SFP3000A, the all-purpose professional SFP4000 / SFP4000A and for larger dirt jobs the SFP5100. All models are available with a variety of engines: Honda, Robin, Briggs & Stratton or diesel engines.

A patented one-piece base plate integrated with the extra-large eccentric housing dissipates internal heat over the plate, cooling the oil and the eccentric bearings while heating the plate surface for smooth asphalt compaction.

A synchronized drive system provides better energy transfer between the engine and eccentric. The Stone exclusive premium Kevlar® belt, eccentric, innovative offset eccentric sheave, heavy-duty centrifugal clutch and engine all operate in unison to increase compacting performance.

The SFA3500 model's geometry, placement of the eccentrics and vpms combine to provide more even asphalt compaction, smoother finishes and greater productivity. With a larger effective contact surface and a more centrally located eccentric, the SFA3500 floats across the asphalt with a compaction force of 3,500 lbs.

The SFP2200 and SFP2200A models have a compaction force of 2,200 lbs. The SFP3000 and SFP3000A all-purpose plates have a compaction force of 3,000 lbs. 4,000 lbs. of compaction force are generated by the SFP4000 and SFP4000A models. The heavy-duty, high-productivity SFP5100 dirt plate provides 5,100 lbs. of eccentric force.