Stay on Top of Product Knowledge

Our annual Product Showcase is a collection of products commonly found on a concrete contractor's jobsite. From forming to finishing to technology to truck accessories, we've got everything covered.

The idea behind this issue is to give contractors a place to start looking when they're thinking about buying a new piece of equipment or trying out new products. It's a resource they can keep on their desks year round and page through for ideas.

I understand we're not currently in the best of economies to be thinking about spending money, but putting together this Product Showcase I was reminded of the cover story I wrote about Albanelli Cement Contractors in the August/September 2009 issue and the conversation I had with owners Paul and Wayne Albanelli.

The company's 2009 sales will be down 50 percent from their peak in 2007, and like most contractors in the country, the company isn't looking for extra places to spend its cash flow. But President Wayne Albanelli told me something that stuck with me. He said, "We can't afford to buy all the equipment technology out there, but we know about it and who has it in case we need it."

That's a smart attitude to have because you never know when you're going to need a new piece of equipment. If something breaks down you can't always put off replacing it. If you secure a job that requires you to have an additional trowel on site, you'll want to be aware of the products available so you can make your purchase and get to work. And let's face it, a new piece of equipment can increase productivity on the jobsite when you don't have to worry as much about maintenance issues and because in many cases new equipment models are improvements over previous offerings.

In addition to Albanelli's smart forethought, I want to point out that his statement was also optimistic. As a contractor who has been around the industry through several ups and downs, he knows the "up" is coming, and when it does he'll be ready.

So use this Product Showcase as a starting point for brushing up on your product knowledge so you're ready when it's time for a purchase.