Staggs Pavement Maintenance Keeps a Loyal Customer Base

Bob Staggs has been involved in the asphalt maintenance business since 1978 and in 2006 started his own company, Staggs Pavement Maintenance in Louisville, KY. Staggs Pavement Maintenance offers comprehensive maintenance services including sealcoating, striping, asphalt repair, hot pour crackfilling, wheel stop and signage installation as well as asphalt paving and concrete construction and repair using well established subcontractors.

"I started off with everything I offer now. My customer base was apt to need any of those services at any given time so I wanted to be in a position to offer them whatever they have a need for," Staggs says.

Most of these customers are property management professionals and developers with responsibility for multiple properties. Although Staggs is appreciative of the customers that stuck with him, he knows that he cannot be content. "I utilize a refined direct mail advertising campaign so I can manage the expansion of my customer base and grow my business at the rate and in the direction that works best," Staggs says. A Yellow Pages ad, membership in trade associations, and the company's website complete the majority of the company's marketing efforts.

Staggs says the best way to continue to build customer loyalty is outstanding customer service. He cites the company's professional approach and dedicated customer follow-ups as what sets him apart from the competition.

The first step for Staggs Pavement Maintenance is to meet the customer and develop a rapport. After the job is complete but before the invoice is given, Staggs always follows up with the customer. This way Staggs can ensure the customer is completely satisfied. If not, Staggs can fix what needs to be before leaving the site completely.

But the follow-up does not stop there. Staggs says he regularly calls or stops by to check in with his customers. During the off season, he makes sure to contact his customers at least once. And during the season, he makes sure that contact happens once a month.

Staggs says there are three reasons he places so much importance on customer follow-up. "It has and does result in referral jobs for people I may not have worked for in the past. It expedites the payment of the bill. And it's also good to hear a compliment every now and then as far as the job going well," he says.

Part of Staggs' customer follow-up includes customer education. If he notices something a customer needs or a service that might be good for the customer's property, he does not hesitate to contact them. And Staggs makes sure the customer knows why he is making these suggestions.

Focusing on customer contact and follow-up also helps Staggs maintain a professional image and manner of business that Staggs believes is essential for the pavement maintenance industry. "There is a disparity between a professional and amateur approach to business," Staggs says. "We are trying to help promote a professional image for our business as well as the entire industry."

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