Something for Everyone

Here at Cygnus Business Media, we're obviously in the business of publishing magazines. But even with our close association to the industry, I'm still amazed at the diversity and numbers of publications available on newsstands and through subscription services. Do you like skydiving? There is a monthly magazine available, appropriately named Skydiving. How about model collecting? Then you might be interested in Toy Trucker and Contractor. There is an almost limitless compilation of niche and mainstream titles on the market. I guess the adage is true - there is, indeed, something for everyone.

That same diversity can be found within the attachments industry. Just look through the pages of our 2008 Attachment Guide and you will find an array of traditional and "niche" attachments available to help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations. And keep in mind that these are just the tip of the iceberg as to what can be found in the marketplace.

Consider the relatively common bucket, which today can do much more than just scoop and dump. With accessories such as thumbs, and configurations that allow them to multi-task as well as perform atypical jobs, you can dig, load, grade, trench and more. Coupled with hundreds of size options for everything from mini-skid loaders and compact excavators to wheel loaders, full-size excavators and even telehandlers, there's really no excuses for not being efficient.

Efficiency is just what Ken Williams, Williams Loader Service, found during his search for a new excavator bucket. His discovery was a then relatively unknown attachment, the Helac PowerGrip, a multipurpose jaw bucket that can trench, grade, grip and load.

Move more material
Material handling is an integral part of any construction site, whether it's clearing brush, moving dirt, crushing rock, etc. Our Attachment Guide wouldn't be complete without a diversity of material-handling attachments.

As part of this coverage, we've also chosen to profile a group of contractors from various parts of the country who are taking a unique approach to soil stabilization, thanks to the introduction of Stehr soil stabilization attachments into the U.S. market. For Kokosing Construction, Beaver Excavating and Stabil-eze, the attachments provide flexibility and maneuverability compared to dedicated equipment.

Quick change
Attachment diversity can't be fully addressed without taking a look at quick couplers. These systems make switching between attachments quick and easy, while ensuring tool versatility.

Curt Bennink, senior field editor, spoke to several manufacturers who explained the affects of adding a coupler, as well as how selecting the correct model for the job brings a multitude of benefits. Next, turn to our Miscellaneous product coverage to review a selection of couplers plus other attachments to customize your carriers to the task at hand.