Blogging for Pavement

Our goal has always been to provide information to help contractors improve and grow their businesses, and recently through our Web site we've taken some steps that will broaden that information flow, enable us to provide more timely information, and maybe even engage you a little bit.

Our Web site, (click on the Pavement tab when you get there), has been up and running for some time now, and we've been consistently adding to it and upgrading it. The site has Pavement up and accessible, complete with back issues extending through 2004. Earlier this year we added a video aspect (, which is a great place to see equipment in action (currently we're hosting 28 videos), and as of July 31 we've gone "live" with the entire Cygnus Business Media Construction Equipment Owners Group Product Database, which provides access to a huge variety of construction-related products. It's similar to our annual December Showcase issue, but it's bigger and broader and you can access it whenever you want (

But now we've taken this Internet thing a step further. On August 20 we will go live with a pavement blog, written by me. We're calling it "Roundabout," which not only is a traffic control approach but implies indirection, almost wandering, which is appropriate because we'll be covering a variety of topics in the blog - some industry related, some not. But in addition to providing me an outlet for just about whatever's on my mind, it offers you an opportunity to respond easily, and it will enable us to communicate industry information in a timely manner.

As always, our goal here is to provide paving and pavement maintenance contractors with as much information as you need. It all started with this magazine and the two National Pavement Expo trade shows, and we've added the Web site, a monthly e-newsletter (sign up at the Web site if you haven't already), and the new Product Guide. The "Roundabout" blog adds a timely conduit into the mix, but we're going to have some fun with it, too. So check it out. You can get to the blog through the main Web page or you can access it directly at

See you there!