Improve your bottom line with new products and equipment

Smart contractors look for ways to increase productivity, which translates into higher profits. Two ways you can increase productivity are directly related to the equipment and products you use - enhancing your lineup of services and helping your crews be more efficient.

New equipment and products allow you to offer your customers more options on the services you already perform, or allow you to add new income avenues that are closely related to work you're already doing. For instance, manufacturers of formliners and decorative stamping tools are always introducing new, unique patterns. And waterproofing products offer you to an easy way to pick up extra income at a jobsite on which you might already be working.

The other area where contractors can improve productivity through new equipment and products is with their labor force. Contractors are concerned with finding and keeping quality employees. If filling out your crew with the skilled people you need is more than a challenge, consider improving the productivity of your existing crew by providing them with more and better equipment to get the job done. New equipment requires less maintenance, meaning it's out there working for you more often and for longer periods of time. It also offers technological advancements over past models that can help you increase productivity and offer a superior product. For example, lasers used for site layout will help you increase accuracy on the job, resulting in less time going back to fix mistakes. They can also save man-hours, allowing you to utilize your employees where they can be most productive.

This Product Showcase offers hundreds of ideas for you to enhance your lineup of services and increase productivity and quality on the jobsite. Keep this issue close by year-round to use as a reference when you're thinking about equipment and product purchases. It's the Wish Book for concrete contractors, so sit back and enjoy paging through!