The Ultimate Sustainability

Sustainable construction is about the hottest topic in the industry nowadays as just about everyone in the construction food chain tries to figure out how to have less impact on the environment while producing more product that lasts longer and longer. In fact the buzz around sustainable construction is one reason Cygnus Business Media this month launched a new digital magazine, Sustainable Construction, and you can't get much more green than publishing something digitally.

In the pavement maintenance industry this sustainabiity is old hat. Really. The whole object of maintenance -- from cracksealing and sealcoating to patches and overlays -- is to extend the life of the pavement, in other words to sustain it. So even though we might not have known it, pavement maintenance contractors have been on the cutting edge for years.

And this annual year-end issue is designed to help you become even more cutting edge because it introduces you to scores of tools, materials, and equipment that can help you help your clients extend the life of their pavement. That makes you a consultant and a problem solver and not just a service provider, and that enhances your credibility and value to your customer -- and ultimately your bottom line. True, not everything in here actually helps extend pavement life, but everything in here is an essential component of the pavement maintenance process that results in longer-lasting pavement. So whether you're a paver or a sealcoater, a striper or a sweeper, the equipment and product in this issue are the tools that enable you to not only sustain the pavement you're working on but sustain your business as well -- and that's the ultimate in terms of sustainability.

And for those interested in subscribing to Sustainable Construction you can find it at and the next issue will be delivered right to you -- via e-mail.