Strategies for 2011

As we start a new year with many uncertainties we do know one thing. It was obvious from Christmas advertising the companies that spend millions on marketing changed tactics from the “usual holiday” methods to a “bad economy” strategy. Since they are expecting it odds are it won’t turn around before the season starts for many; and odds are you don’t have millions to hire advertising & marketing experts. That’s why more exclusive marketing tips and strategies will be coming for NPCA members as well as show current discounts on 2011 dues as a special in cooperation with the NPE.

We will also continue developing our web specialties for members with our member’s only” video server so you can use video in your marketing or even as “in progress” videos for big accounts. We’ll also be looking into the new technologies of using specialized web pages for mobile devices like PDA’s, Blackberry’s and even some phones these days.

There’s also big changes in the works that if all works out will grow the NPCA dramatically and allow us to greatly update our own efforts which last year brought over 10,000 searches for NPCA member contractors; more & more customers are looking for that NPCA logo from a contractor after reading informational articles on our consumer site. Hopefully we will see some new alliances soon that will allow the NPCA to become bigger and better than we have even over the last 11 years.

Then there’s folks like a fellow who called today (this is being written in Dec. –the call was from S. California) A customer wanted to make a wash down pad and wondered why 3 contractors bid 4” of concrete w/ mesh and another 8” with re-bar saying he wouldn’t do less. When we found the loads he was expecting we explained the reason and that the 8” contractor was the “best” quality for his use.

We get calls like this 3-5 times a week and several e-mails as well as those who look to our forums. But the “badge” of the NPCA logo and membership will never be at lower dues as we are running a special in cooperation with Cygnus for deep discounts for the show whether we have a booth or not (we may have some conflicts arranging someone to be responsible for a booth; hopefully circumstances will change and we’ll see you in Nashville but if now see why we are doing by visiting and browse around.) If some of the changes we are looking into happed membership will increase in cost as more benefits are provided in the coming decade. Look for us in Nashville if we can’t make it be sure to check the web site.

To be at the “top of the list” in contractors when people search your area, and over 10,000 did in 2010 because in this economy people want to make sure they get the best quality work from ethical contractors; and with the advertising and consumer information our members have as “aids” your advertising will be on the “cutting edge” of today’s technology and will only be getting better in 2011 and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity.