Pavement's on Facebook!

Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction now has its own Facebook page, So let’s be “friends!” Facebook is the pre-eminent social media site where a community – in this case the paving & pavement maintenance community – can engage with one another online, and that’s why we’re there. At our Facebook page contractors, manufacturers, dealers, consultants, and even property owners and managers can share with the paving & pavement maintenance community what’s going on with them, learn what’s going on with us, and network with their peers from throughout the country. The Facebook “wall” is where basic communication takes place, and there are opportunities for discussions about specific topics, an easy way to post links you want other Facebook members to see, and even easy-to-use ways to upload photos and videos – check it out, we’ve already put up photos from NPE West.

Our involvement in Facebook is just our next step in providing as many opportunities as possible for the entire industry to engage with itself. For 26 years we’ve had this magazine and National Pavement Expo, and in 2000 we added NPE West to serve the West Coast market. We also offer the magazine and thousands of other articles at; a couple years ago we began an E-newsletter (which received a very nice redesign in January); and now Facebook. As technology advances people have many options they can turn to for the information they need. One of our goals is to make sure the entire paving & pavement maintenance community can use us in the way that is most comfortable or most convenient for them. To some that’s the magazine, to some it’s the website or Facebook, and still others will use all options at one time or another. But the point is we’re providing information and connections we think are valuable; how you choose to take advantage of us is up to you. So if you’re already involved in Facebook go find us at and “friend” us – then “suggest” the site to all your Facebook friends in the industry. If you’re not a Facebook member check it out – not only is Pavement there but so are your customers and prospects.