Clean Sweep Enterprises: Solving Problems for Clients

Marty Hugie, owner of Clean Sweep Enterprises, has worked the past nine years creating and maintaining a name in parking lot sweeping. He’s done that by making a concerted effort to be a problem solver for his customers. By making changes with times – from upgrading tracking and dispatch programs to making adjustments to fit client needs – Hugie has seen Clean Sweep Enterprises grow into a strong parking lot sweeping business.

Located in Tremonton, UT, Clean Sweep and its 12 employees generate 60% of sales from seven vacuum units and three broom sweepers providing a full range of sweeping services including parking lot sweeping, construction cleanup, general cleanup, and exterior maintenance cleanup. The company also offers sealcoating, patching, and cracksealing with about 40% of the business coming from those services.

Clean Sweep is a full service company. “We either directly do or have other companies that contract with us that take care of all extra maintenance. They can make one phone call, and we can either do it or have it done.” Hugie believes it is important to specialize in what you do and focus on what you are doing in order to be good at it.

Hugie says 95% of Clean Sweep’s work is for commercial clients, such as big box stores and chain stores, as well as a number of property management companies. The customer is a great focus to Hugie and Clean Sweep. “We always make ourselves available,” Hugie says. “I carry an extra set of equipment just for that instance. When somebody calls and has something that came up last minute and needs it taken care of we have that additional equipment to take care of the job.”

A recent addition of Discreet Wireless, a tracking and dispatch program, has helped Clean Sweep provide its customers with up-to-the minute information about their property in regards to sweeping. In addition, to help some of their customers cope with the current economy Clean Sweep Enterprises implemented a few internal adjustments as well as some changes with his customers.

“We never made fluctuations in how we did things with our customers,” Hugie says. “With some of them that were looking at saving budget dollars we tried to come up with a better program that would work with their budgets. If we would go to their property four days a week maybe two of the days we did a general cleanup and the other two days a better cleanup.” By doing this, Clean Sweep was able to help the customers keep their parking lots swept and well maintained while at the same time helping them adjust to their budget cuts.

Hugie saw great success with the programs for his clients. “At a time when most people were shopping around and trying to get things done as cheap as they could we lost few clients,” he says. “It was successful because we were able to work within our customers budgets.”

Hugie says that in addition to typical parking lot and construction site sweeping Clean Sweep does some unique jobs. One interesting project is the cleaning of ATK Launch Systems, a space shuttle building facility located in Promontory, UT.

“They have us come in once a year to clean the parking lots and roads,” he says. “When you go once a year you have to be as detailed as you can and get everything cleaned up so they can see the benefit of their spending.” Eight workers are sent out on the job using street sweepers and parking lot sweepers as well as completing other grounds work.

Currently, Clean Sweep services central Utah and Hugie plans to expand north into Idaho.