Members See Benefits of Increased Site Traffic

Here we are with the season starting, and this is the striping issue. Parking lot striping is the most searched for and the NPCA search engine after seal coating and asphalt paving.

Striping is a service that most of our members offer, even if it's in addition to other services, and in this economy, striping is a great service to offer. Because striping always has to be done, even if other items are left off of the maintenance budget because they can't be afforded at this time; striping is something that always has to be done especially for ADA compliance and last year's rule changes in the ADA.

Of course, we have a lot of members who offer striping as their primary service and being in NPCA member lets the property owner or manager know that they are getting the best quality work from a professional, insured contractor.

The 2011 numbers for searches for NPCA contractors are looking much better than 2010. Last year was the first year that we have not seen a substantial growth in the number of searches in the 11 years that the Association has been in existence. We actually had only FOUR more searches than 2009.
However, 2011 is starting off at a much faster pace, which lets us know that property owners and managers are already looking for budget numbers, or in warmer climates, people to do their work. And that's why having the NPCA membership logo and being able to refer your customers to our sites and standards is one of the best marketing tools you can have going for you. By the time you read this our “extra special” specials on first-year membership dues will be close to coming to an end.
 But if you hurry, we still have special first-year dues rates for any contractor in ANY location; and of course we also will have continual lower dues rates for contractors and areas where we do not have members or do not have enough. If you want to see how active our main site is, just check out our message boards with over 2300 active participants discussing everything about pavement, including marketing, price increases on materials, of course our free classified ads for buying or selling equipment and finding employees; but just stop by and click on the link for message board.

And if you've never been a member of the NPCA, check the” become a member” page, scroll to the bottom, and fill out the form, and we will respond with the discounted dues currently available for your particular area. It looks like things are going to be picking up in 2011 and you don't want to be left behind and not get your share. People who come to our site are looking for high quality contractors and expect to pay more for the services that they get. Of course they don't want to be gouged on pricing, but they do want quality work at a fair price, not just the lowest bid. Size the season starts and you get busier and busier now is the best time to take a few minutes to stop by our site visit the message boards and see what's going on, check out membership specials that you may be entitled to and get ready for the best season and probably two or three years. If you never have joined the NPCA and give it a try; you'll be amazed at the extra respect and better prices that you can get from the NPCA guarantee of professional quality workmanship and service.