Pavement Live in San Diego!

In a major overhaul of the paving & pavement maintenance industry’s only West Coast trade show, Cygnus Business Media has “reinvented” National Pavement Expo West -- a great idea whose time has come. The first thing to know is the name of the show has changed to Pavement Live (which by itself should hint at the most significant change). Changes include:

  • Moving from Las Vegas to San Diego for 2011
  • Adding a full day, running Nov. 30 - Dec. 3
  • Adding live equipment demonstrations for exhibitors to host and contractors to watch

Adding another day enables Pavement Live to offer 39 educational sessions instead of 31. But the biggest change -- something contractors and exhibitors have been wanting for years -- is the addition of demonstrations, making Pavement Live the only trade show in the industry where contractors can watch exhibitors demonstrate equipment in field conditions. With exhibitor support Pavement Live will be able to demonstrate a broad range of technologies including sweeping, sealcoating, infrared repair, striping, cracksealing, and possibly even milling and paving.

When initially conceived the West Coast event was only an effort to reach West Coast contractors who didn’t travel to the National Pavement Expo, and for years we’ve felt that approach limited the impact of NPE West, making it NPE’s weak sister. These changes are significant because Pavement Live provides the West Coast market with a conference, trade show, and demonstration event that should be the equal of National Pavement Expo, giving contractors a choice of location, time of year, and venue -- without their having to sacrifice the number of exhibitors they can visit or the variety of sessions they can choose from they have the added benefit of watching equipment being put through its paces.

Live equipment demonstrations will take place the afternoons of Dec. 1 and 2 -- and you can find out which exhibitors will demonstrate by keeping track on our Facebook page ( where we’ll announce demonstrations as exhibitors sign up. So mark your calendar for Pavement Live, Nov. 30 - Dec. 3 at San Diego’s Town & Country Resort Hotel.