Remote Control Skid Steers Offer Operator Protection

A few years ago Bobcat introduced a remote control option on some of its skid steer models due to high demand from customers.

"It's designed for customers working in areas where they would like to have the operator removed from the machine, like unloading barges in coastal areas, for example," says Mike Fitzgerald. "Now a machine can be placed in the hold of a barge while the operator stays outside and runs the machine."

Remote control is available on Bobcat skid steers and compact track loaders with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC).

It's easy to install and use on any radio remote control-ready Bobcat loader. Owners install the receiver and the Control Mode Selector/E-Stop box to the machine using magnets that are included with the kit. They then connect the harness, remove the rear window (or install the rear window external removal kit), attach the Remote Ready Identification tag and the machine is ready to be operated remotely.

"The kit can be initially installed in under 30 minutes," Fitzgerald says. "After that, activation of the remote control option takes less than five minutes."