Contractors at Phipps Conservatory Jobsite in Pittsburgh Work Green While Building Green

Contractors at the Phipps Conservatory jobsite in Pittsburgh, Pa., are utilizing a green work site office from the reMOD Mobile Office Line. With the vision that you can work green while you build green, Williams Scotsman, a provider of modular space and storage solutions, launched its reMOD line in early 2009. When integrated into an overall site plan and scale, the reMOD line may afford project teams the opportunity to obtain additional innovation and design points when working to achieve LEED certification for a permanent building.

The reMOD mobile office has become a central point for workers that are part of the 24,000 sq. ft. new construction project happening at Phipps Conservatory this year. The reMOD office serves as a meeting location for the various parties involved with the building of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes. The goal of the permanent building project is to achieve LEED platinum certification with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) as well as certification under the Living Building Challenge, which is a sustainability program set forth by the International Living Building Institute.

"Over the past two years we have received valuable feedback from the general contractor community that has helped to enhance our product offering," said Michele Cunningham, vice president of marketing for Williams Scotsman. "The increased use of our reMOD line demonstrates that we are filling a real need in the marketplace for sustainable mobile offices. We believe more and more general contractors will continue to enhance jobsite sustainability throughout the next few years."

The reMOD product line offers three different options, providing flexibility for jobsites with different requirements:

  • The light green unit utilizes an existing mobile office retrofitted to include eco-minded elements, such as energy efficient light bulbs, motion sensors, weather stripping, caulk, and programmable thermostats, among others.
  • The mid-green unit, is based on the same structural framework but includes energy-efficient HVAC units, eco-minded finishes, and other system enhancements.
  • The dark green concept includes all the light and mid-green options as well as an eco-minded interior and exterior design and framework. Self-sustaining renewable resource systems maximize energy efficiency in the units.

The unit at Phipps Conservatory is a mid-green unit which includes, motion sensor light switches, programmable thermostat, GreenGuard certified insulation, automatic hand dryers, recycling areas, fluorescent bulbs, white roofing, low-E windows, tubular daylighing devices, dual flush systems and low-flow faucets.

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