Webinars Now Part of Member Benefits

The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) recently held two exciting webinars. The first webinar, held on September 1, was entitled "Tips and Tools for Estimating a Profitable Parking Lot Contract" and was presented by NAPSA President Carl Barton of Aardvark Sweeping Service. This 60-minute webinar was a huge success. At least 63 individuals benefited from this educational event. Some locations had more than five people participating from one computer for the price of one registration. One participant stated in the post webinar evaluation, "the information was so good I wanted even more."

On October 6 a second webinar, "What Does it Really Cost to Run Your Sweeping Operation?" was led by past NAPSA President Gerry Kesselring of Contract Sweepers and Equipment. This educational session helped sweeping contractors to identify, calculate, and understand the complete costs of operating their equipment and sweeping companies. Kesselring identified expenses that contractors may be overlooking when calculating their costs. This webinar really got participants thinking about the various factors that can affect their bottom lines. Both of these webinars were half price to NAPSA members and the information - insights on how to estimate a profitable parking lot sweeping contract and how to really calculate your costs - are invaluable to contractors in our industry. NAPSA members who registered for both webinars saved a total of $200…almost the cost of membership!

Keep an eye out for additional benefits that will be offered to NAPSA members in the near future. Also, if there is a benefit, discount program, or webinar topic that you are interested in, please let us know. (If you would be interested in being a webinar speaker on a topic that you think would benefit the power sweeping industry please contact napsa@powersweeping.org.)

NAPSA will be attending NPE West, December 9-11 and NPE, February 2-5. Make sure you look for the membership booth in the exhibit hall at both events. If you are not a member of NAPSA, make sure you join prior to these conferences so that you can receive the discounted pricing. At the 2010 National Pavement Expo in Nashville, NAPSA members saved up to $358 in registration costs. NAPSA members will receive similar savings this coming year. We hope to see you there!

For more information about joining NAPSA visit www.powersweeping.org or contact our office at 269-383-6993.