Screeds August 2010

Screed King


  • The next-generation Screed King offers 75% less vibration to the operator's hands.
  • Adjustable handle bars with quick-release lever
  • "Set and Forget" throttle
  • Double dampening system provides eight rubber bushings to isolate operator from vibration
  • Power head mounted at a 10? angle for strong vibration transfer to the concrete
  • MAGFLO board has an enclosed design that virtually eliminates warping or torquing


Crown Construction Equipment



  • Hydraulically Driven - 3-5 gpm at 2,250 psi required
  • Two way (reversible) variable speed control
  • Screed up to 28 ft.
  • Single pin allows for change of direction
  • Handles pivot for desired operators position



Curb Roller Manufacturing



The nearly 2,500-lb. ScreedSaver wireless remote-controlled, laser leveling, boom extension concrete screeding machine is heavy enough to handle a 4 slump concrete, yet light enough to be crane lifted to multi-story buildings and even operate on chaired rebar.

  • Screeds at rates of 3,000 sq. ft./hour with accuracy of FF50 - 1/8 in. or better on flat, grade and dual slope jobs
  • Standard screed head measures 14 ft. wide, with optional heads available in 8- to 14-ft. widths
  • E-stop function causes machine to automatically sit down on the wheels and wait for further instructions


Ligchine International, LLC

Stone Screed Bull


The Stone Screed Bull from Stone Construction Equipment is a handheld vibrating power screed that comes in a heavy-duty professional contractor's model (VSB80) and a lighter weight, rental-ready model (VSB70). The VSB80 handles boards to 16 ft. and weighs 32 lbs. while the VSB70 runs 12-ft. boards and weighs 25 lbs. Both models are powered by 4-cycle Honda GX25 engines


Stone Construction Equip. Inc.

Screed Rail


  • Achieves higher floor levelness than hand straight edging
  • Increases floor flatness
  • Tightly controls elevation to design grade
  • Exceeds FL 20 specs


The Allen Face Companies

Terramite Roller Screed


The Terramite Roller Screed can be used to finish road, sidewalk, runway and ramp projects.

  • Carrying cradle comes standard
  • Hydrostatic drive eliminates chains, belts, clutches, cables and keys
  • High-torque hydraulic motors
  • For paths from 6 to 32 ft.
  • Fast and easy cleanup


Terramite / TerraQuip Construction Products, Inc.

Crown Builder


The Crown Builder screed has a larger diameter on each end and a smaller diameter in the middle. A single pass with the Crown Builder screed produces the desired shape quickly and accurately.


Spin Screed

Wet Screed


  • Wacker's wet screed is powered by a Honda engine and is offered in blade lengths from 4 to 16 ft.
  • Lengths available in 2-ft. intervals and also come in 4.8- or 6.5-in. widths
  • Adjustable eccentric weights
  • Fully enclosed exciter can be adjusted to seven different positions
  • Adjustable, folding squeeze grip handle


Wacker Neuson Corporation

Lightning Strike Concrete Screed


The Lightning Strike Concrete Screed weighs less than 4.5 lbs. per foot, enabling easy transport and one-person setup.

  • Composed of rugged, construction-grade aluminum
  • Screed sections available separately or as part of the Contractors Package
  • Clevis articulating, all-position handle
  • 50cc, Honda gas engine


Lura Enterprises, Inc.

Mini Screed


  • 352 lbs.
  • 6-ft. head
  • Small enough to fit into the bed of a pickup truck
  • Uses Somero's patented laser-leveling technology to cut concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat and vibrate it smooth in one pass


Somero Enterprises

Uni Screed


Bartell Morrison Inc.'s Uni Screed is specially designed to permit faster and more efficient leveling. The single-operator screed has lightweight and adjustable handles for easy transportation and manuerverability. Features of the screed include an impact absorbing mounting system which minimizes handle vibration and optimizes control and operator comfort, high frequency vibration to disperse and level concrete without build-up, and interchangeable blades.


Bartell Morrison Inc.

Multivibe Laser Flat Screeds


  • Laser-controlled, hand-held vibrating screeds
  • Buggy or rail system models available
  • Reads grade at 10 times per second
  • No wet pads or support pins to build
  • Up to 16 ft. wide
  • Can be used to level the sub-grade


Jlin Corp.