Forums Play Key Role for the Industry

This issue's "theme" is paving and compaction and that showcases one of the benefits of NPCA membership that gets overlooked. Recently on our forums there was an extensive discussion about the different types of asphalt used in the northeastern United States and how that compares to the South where PG ratings are higher and thus asphalt performs differently when properly placed and compacted. The discussion was mostly among NPCA members but included some nonmember participants. It was very educational for everyone since all the contractors involved were "doing it right" and yet the effects in the Northeast were quite different from the South. This type of year-round "networking" that normally occurs only at the Expos is a valuable resource continually offered by the NPCA.

This season has been tough because of the economy, so the forum has featured extensive discussions about sales techniques, what property owners/managers wanted in their bid specs, and the best way to go about obtaining bids without sacrificing the quality NPCA members provide. The discussions were informative and valuable, and are in addition to our "members only" tips. Another great resource is our "dot-org" website which has a lot of valuable information for consumers on how to obtain a quality paving, sealing, or other pavement-related jobs. It also contains extensive tips to help consumers avoid "scam artists" that take advantage of consumers by performing inferior work.

In this tough economic year we have been happily surprised to see the results coming through our "Search for a Contractor" engine, where consumers find members in less than 5 seconds by using only their ZIP code and type of work. At one point in July we had 122 searches for members in three days alone. That shows that in these tough times, many more people are looking for guaranteed quality workmanship from professionals, for their limited dollars. More than ever, having the NPCA logo on your proposals, website, and other advertising has become a huge benefit because after 10 years and all our "big name" recommendations, people look more and more for that NPCA logo when searching for a pavement contractor.

When this reaches you, you might be at the "final push" time of year. Or you may offer winter services, or you're in a southern climate where you can work year-round. In any instance, it's still a great time to become a NPCA member because your dues are for a full year. Joining now will take you all the way through next season…and if this season was any indication, next year people will be looking even more for contractors with "assured quality" and a professional work ethic they can count on with the NPCA Logo.

Don't forget to bookmark, and stop by often. And if you're a member be sure to check the members section of the forums for the latest announcements.

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