Software Products Rental November 2009

AlphaRENTAL Mobile


  • Give real-time access to data from any Windows Mobile 5.0- or 6.0-based smart phone (or iPhone)
  • Can get customers account information, check availability and rental rates, make reservations, take inventory, return equipment in rental yard, receive purchase orders and get revenue totals for any date range by store location


Genisys Software Inc.

Asset Management Solution


LoJack offers a GPS-based asset management solution specially designed for heavy equipment fleet managers.

  • Features include real-time asset location via GPS data, geofencing alerts and theft protection when combined with stolen vehicle recovery system
  • Reports daily engine hours for equipment maintenance planning and accurate customer billing
  • User-defined reports allow tracking of equipment utilization and maintenance scheduling


LoJack Corporation

Enfinity 2.0


Solutions by Computer introduces Enfinity 2.0, which contains a number of features designed to help tool, event and equipment rental operations maximize return on assets and serve the needs of its customers: New Internet customer portal -- offers end-renters online account management capabilities including the ability to create their own quotations and reservations in Enfinity, track equipment out on jobsites, view accounts receivable, and notify the rental business that equipment is ready for pickup; Intermediary special pricing -- In addition to handling special pricing at the customer level and the customer type level, Enfinity now allows multiple price adjustments to be applied to intermediary third parties in a transaction; "Watchdog" for Enfinity -- maintains a wait list of unfulfilled rental requests, monitors late returns to reduce overbookings, and automatically follows up on quotations and accounts receivable. Additional enhancements -- Enfinity 2.0 also includes an expanded rate display, sub-rent and transfer transactions, security levels by operational task, and customizable forms.


Solutions By Computer

Integrated Fleet Solutions Card


collectiveData Integrated Fleet Solutions Card

  • Accepted at 90 percent of U.S. retail fueling stations and 41,000 service locations, the card can provide detailed fuel and services purchase information that can be directly integrated into the collectiveData Fleet and Fleet Pro maintenance management programs
  • Security features prevent unauthorized purchases
  • Available to managers of any size fleet


Collective Data

RentalMan System


  • RentalMan assists rental professionals in managing rental and sales operation and analysis, maintenance, accounts receivable and payable, general ledger and purchasing
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) installation features all support managed by Wynne Systems


Wynne Systems Inc.

Sirius Pro


  • New: Scenario Management Module, advanced scaffolding -specific billing features and updated Preventive Maintenance Module
  • Web Module allows customers to use their website to post pictures and extended descriptions of each item available for rent and receive requests for quotes and reservations from their rental customers
  • Windows-based rental management software enables users to control activities, clients and inventories in an effective manner
  • Integrates with accounting software packages such as QuickBooks


Orion Software

Titan Equipment Monitoring


The TITAN Equipment Monitoring System enables the equipment owner to remotely shut down machines, wirelessly locate equipment any time via GPS, collect hour meter and utilization readings and track multiple usage-based service intervals.

  • Utilization and productivity tracked via performance metrics including run time, idle time (with idling alerts), roll time and load counting
  • Real-time notifications indicate unauthorized use, excessive idling, service due, inactivity, low battery power or a threatening health condition on the machine
  • Automatic, nightly curfew immobilizes asset and notifies an unlimited number of contacts if a theft attempt occurs


DPL America

Topcon Tierra


Topcon Tierra is a web-based remote asset management system that provides seamless, customized data transfer from and to in-field equipment.

  • Provides a choice of four hardware setups, real-time monitoring of dashboard information and bidirectional cellular or satellite communications
  • Includes geofencing, real-time video streaming or cached chip recordings of machines on the jobsite, reporting capabilities and a remote diagnostic module
  • Monitor and review fuel levels, engine hours, oil pressure, idle time, machines in need of maintenance, etc.
  • Individual warning thresholds can be set so alarms sound at predetermined levels


Topcon Positioning Systems

Total Rental


  • Includes tront counter operation, inventory and parts control, accounts receivable, retail sales, reservations and adjustments, equipment maintenance, missed rental tracking and more
  • Like hand writing a contract, user is not bound to filling out a specific section of the form first
  • Stores information about each customer; can scan and store image of driver's license or photo ID
  • Automatically alerts user to over-bookings and critical usage situations


Market Line Computers

Web Hosting Option


  • Integrated website option displays inventory, pricing (optional), pictures, specifications and instructions
  • Other features include a shopping cart that creates a quote in Point-of-Rental Enterprise for follow up, a customer portal for active authorized account customers, equipment for sale page, the posting of job openings and more


Point of Rental Systems