Engines for your Equipment Rental Business August 2009

2.4L PowerTech Engines


The PowerTech M 2.4L engines and PowerTech E 2.4L engines under 75 hp are EPA Interim Tier IV compliant in advance of emissions regulations.

  • PowerTech M 2.4L models feature mechanical unit pump fuel systems and turbocharged aspirations
  • PowerTech E 2.4L models offer full-authority electronic engine controls and air-to-air aftercooled aspirations
  • All models include two-valve cylinder heads, fixed-geometry turbochargers and 500-hour oil change intervals


John Deere Power Systems

2009 and 2011 Series


The 2009 and 2011 engines achieve Tier III standards via the use of mechanical engine controls and direct fuel injection.

  • 2009 Series includes three- or four-cylinder water-cooled engines and a turbocharged four-cylinder version with outputs from 20 to 67 hp at 1,500 to 3,000 rpm
  • 2011 family of oil-cooled engines offer rating choices up to 99 hp with low fuel consumption and good cold starting


Deutz Corporation

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engines


In addition to its current line of engines, Subaru offers a new line of electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines, which are ideally suited for use with a variety of equipment, including welders, generators, pressure washers and lawnmowers. The line includes two models, the EH72 V-Twin and EH72 UTV, both of which are designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while providing fast, easy starts in a wide range of ambient temperatures. The EFI engines run on an open-loop system, which utilizes an electronic control unit (ECU). Using several different sensors that are able to accurately detect manifold pressure, ambient temperature and throttle position, the ECU is constantly relaying information to the injector, which is then able to deliver the proper air-to-fuel ratio. The result of this continuous relay of information is an engine that is always running at an optimal level, resulting in better fuel economy and emissions control. Allowing for differences in operating speed, applications and fuel type, the estimated fuel economy improvements are 11 to 25 percent over that of a similar carbureted engine. Additionally, exhaust emissions are reduced by more than 20 percent. Both models are available in a 653 cc or 720 cc configuration, with power outputs ranging from 20- to 27-horsepower. The engines feature a two-barrel manifold with a fuel injector for each cylinder. This allows each cylinder to operate independently of the other, which aids in fuel optimization and also in improving the engine's efficiency and performance.


Subaru Robin

Kubota 07 Series


The Kubota 07 Series has added the V2607-DI-Turbo, a new engine that follows the same engine design concept as the existing V3307-DI-Turbo.

  • 4-cylinder, direct-injected, liquid cooled diesel engine
  • Displacement is 2.615 liters with a bore and stroke of 87 x 110 mm respectively
  • Gross output of this engine is rated at 66 hp at 2,700 rpm
  • One-side maintenance
  • Complies with EPA Interim Tier IV


Kubota Engine America Corp.

QSL9 Engine


The QSL9 8.9-liter engine platform is a fully integrated air-intake to exhaust aftertreatment system that is ready to meet EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB off-highway emissions.

  • Top-rated power of 380 hp with peak power rising to 400 hp
  • XPI Extra-High Pressure Injection fuel system
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger with a sliding-nozzle design
  • Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system
  • Integrated particulate filter enables a 90% reduction in particulate matter


Cummins Engine Co., Inc.

V-Twin Engines


The GX630, GX660, GX690, GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 V-Twin general-purpose engines come in horizontal and vertical shaft configurations.

  • Deliver 20.3 to 22.3 net hp and 35.2- to 35.6 lbs.-ft. net torque
  • 36-blade low noise resin cooling fan improves cooling efficiencies
  • Advanced combustion chamber design and Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignition with variable ignition timing and twin-barrel inner-vent carburetion increase fuel efficiency
  • Will meet the 2011 EPA exhaust emission regulations without the use of a catalyst


American Honda Motor Co.

Vanguard 3/LC EFI Engine


The 34-gross-hp Vanguard 3/LC three-cylinder, liquid-cooled commercial gasoline engine delivers up to 30% fuel savings, depending on duty cycle, with increased responsiveness at all engine speeds.

  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Automatically adjusts engine settings in real time for quick, no-choke cold starts, and to compensate for altitude and environmental variables
  • 32-bit Engine Control Unit
  • Onboard diagnostics

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power has announced its first engine equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is now in full production. The new gasoline-powered EFI model is an extension of the company's Vanguard 3/LC three-cylinder, liquid-cooled commercial engine line. Designed to deliver increased fuel economy with increased responsiveness at all engine speeds, the EFI system automatically adjusts engine settings in real time for quick, no-choke cold starts, and to compensate for altitude and environmental variables. Rated at 34 gross hp, the Vanguard 3/LC engine provides the increased power demanded by modern commercial equipment applications.


Briggs & Stratton Corporation