Product Spotlight: Sweeping August 2009

Allianz 3000


The Allianz 3000, a three wheel mechanical sweeper, featrues a center-mounted hopper for stability and even weight distribution. A centralized, weatherproof systems locker protects the electrical and hydraulic components. The hopper has a stainless steel floor and front and a safety drive lock-out when the hopper is in a raised position.


Allianz Madvac

CS500 sweeper


CS500 Vacuum Sweeper

  • 25-mph travel speed
  • Sweeps up to 215,777 sq. ft. per hour
  • Two independent brushes sweep a width of 10 ft. 6 in.
  • Joystick-controlled brushes extend an extra 3 ft. for hard-to-reach areas
  • Ergonomically designed operator's cab
  • High-pressure washdown hose

Madvac Inc.

M6000 Mechanical Power Sweeper


  • Redesigned hydraulic, electrical, and dust control systems
  • Single- and dual-engine models
  • 5.0-cu.-yd. hopper
  • Variable dump heights up to 11-ft., 6-in.
  • 58-in. main broom
  • Squeegee-type elevator system
  • Forward-facing digger-type gutter brooms
  • 375-gal. dust suppression system


Schwarze Industries, Inc.

Mark II Sweeper


  • Dual-engine vacuum
  • Sweep 90 to 116 in. wide
  • 70 in. rear dump height
  • Dump system slides rearward 3 in. to reduce spilling


Victory Sweepers Inc



Elgin's Megawind is a combination leaf and debris vacuum and catch basin cleaner with an optional street sweeper system. It features a 12-in. leaf and debris hose system with an articulated power boom that has 180-degree rotation. The Megawind is available on a conventional chassis or premium Nissan Diesel UD3300 chassis. Debris hopper capacities range from 10 to 15 cu. yds.


Elgin Sweeper Company

Model 1600 Econo Ford Ranger


The Masco Model 1600 Econo Ford Ranger is a low fuel sweeper for parking lot sweeping. The Ranger features a 4 cylinder engine and the sweeper has a 2 cylinder gas sweeper engine. Other sweeper features include a stainless steel hopper, curb broom and low clearance.


Masco Sweepers

Model 210


  • Available for Fort F-350 diesel
  • 29-gal. dust control system
  • 36-in. diameter gutter broom
  • Hopper drain system



Tymco International, Ltd.



The new Nite-Hawk Raptor featrues a patent pending oil flow technology to increase performance. The Raptor has automatic tensioning of the front belt and has eliminated the rear belts. A road mode setting increases fuel economy between jobs. The Raptor also features a dash-mounted display to view controls and the fan speed.


Nite-Hawk Sweepers Mfg.



The S2500 street sweeper from Python can be operated without any special driver's licence. The sweeper features adjustable, floating brooms and is PM-10 certified with a patented water save system.


Python Mfg. Inc.

Silent Knight


Silent Knight

  • 175 hp turbo-diesel engine
  • 16-in.-diameter, 13-in.-long gutter broom
  • Stainless steel, 4-yard hopper
  • Beacon light
  • Heavy-duty head and drag arm supports
  • SK Sweepers LLC


SK Sweepers

Starfire S-4


  • 4-cu.-yd. mechanical
  • On non-CDL chassis
  • Variable dump heights from 16 to 122 in.
  • Sweeps to 114 in. wide
  • In-cab color monitor for reverse



Wayne Centurion


The newly re-designed Centurion by Wayne Sweepers features a unique dust control system that maintains PM-10 compliance with or without the use of water thanks to its vacuum assist. The Centurion has also received an increase in power and a new fan design, further ensuring that dirt, dust, and debris are efficiently removed from the streets.


Wayne Sweepers LLC