Stockpiling Tips for Using Hot Box Reclaimers

Use of hot box reclaimers, as discussed in a February Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction article, offers contractors a number advantages, including improving the success rate of patches constructed late in the day.

"Without a reclaimer the mix you start the day with cools as you drive from job to job placing a little mix here and there, and your patch success rate suffers," says KM International's Kurt Schwartz, sales & marketing. "When you have a hot box reclaimer and you can get hot mix fresh at three in the afternoon you'll see your production and success rate go way up right away."

Other high-profit benefits of owning a hot box reclaimer are that they enable contractors to start the season early, extend a season a bit longer, and keep key workers employed through months when area asphalt plants shut down.

But contractors looking to use a hot box reclaimer to extend their season must stockpile virgin hot mix and prepare it for easy access and use during the winter. Here's one approach to organizing your stockpile.

  1. Place the asphalt in a manageable row 3- to 4-in. thick and roughly 2 ft. wide. Lightly compact the mix.
  2. Once the mix has cooled, stack the pieces for easy storage. Mix can be stored on a pallet or in a shed corner on the floor.
  3. Use paper or plastic between pieces of mix. This prevents the pieces from freezing together and makes it easier to move them during cold weather.
  4. As pieces are needed for a job simply place as many as you need into the hot box reclaimer which will heat them to a workable temperature.

Read "Hot Box Reclaimers" from the February issue of Pavement for more about the benefits of hot box reclaimers.