Benefits easily justify membership

Contract sweepers who have not yet joined the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) are missing a fine opportunity to enhance their businesses and help develop the sweeping industry. NAPSA is a non-profit organization committed to promoting, educating and improving the street-and-parking-lot sweeping industry. Our mission is to be the best resource in this industry for information and advocacy, benefiting both NAPSA members and their customers - and membership rates for sweeping contractors start at only $275 per year.

When NAPSA was first introduced to the sweeping industry in October of 2000, the Founding and Inaugural Members had high expectations for the sweeping industry's association. Since that time our membership has grown steadily each year. With that growth we have been able to continually add and improve member benefits, which now include: a fuel discount program, membership networking, supplier discounts, manufacturer discounts, quarterly newsletter, online membership directory, mentoring program, credit card acceptance program, payroll processing services, Clean Streets Insurance Program, discounted car rental rates, and financing resources.

Education is one of the most important benefits of NAPSA, and we've been continually evolving and developing new benefits and resources for our members to have an educational impact in the sweeping industry. In addition, NAPSA members can attend free seminars at the National Pavement Expos. The next show is November 20-22, 2008 in Las Vegas. Free seminars to NAPSA members offer an additional value of $65 per person per session. As a member you may bring as many employees to the NAPSA free seminars as you would like. NAPSA members also get VIP passes to enter the show floor for free (an additional $15 value).

In addition, NAPSA Certified Sweeping Companies are being formally recognized by several municipalities as a measurement tool for recognizing professionalism within the industry, and these communities are requiring Certification as a part of their best management practices. NAPSA has developed a formalized mechanism to recognize those firms operating in a professional manner and contributing to the overall image of the sweeping industry. Certification establishes a yardstick for customers to measure professional practices. Outlining these practices aids in the fight against businesses that operate below the radar of ethical, legal and professional standards. NAPSA's Certification looks at several areas of focus on the application including: NAPSA Membership Terms, number of years in business, industry education, employee practices, business practices, vehicle practices, and insurance information.

Each of these focus areas asks for specific information and documentation of the indicated practices. Applications and qualifications can be found on the NAPSA website or by contacting our office.

For more information about joining NAPSA visit or contact its office at 269-383-6993.