Employee Search Firms

Can a qualified search firm help you enhance your business and positively impact your bottom line? A resounding "yes" is the short answer. While a construction company's core competency is to deliver a well constructed project on time and under budget, a search firm's is to help companies hire the right candidates and build the right teams by:

Identifying - The search firm should effectively target the right candidates based on their in-depth knowledge of your industry and company's business, goals and culture.

Attracting - The search firm should properly and passionately represent your company to create both positive PR and increase candidate interest.

Evaluating - The search firm should comprehensively evaluate candidates to ensure they are the right fit technically, culturally, and financially based on your company's hiring criteria to.

Acquiring - The search firm should facilitate the interview and selection process, assist you in crafting the right offer, and ensure the candidate's smooth transition to your company by coaching them through their resignation period and making them "counter-offer proof."

Retaining - The search firm should work with your company's leadership team to create a best-place-to-work culture enabling you to keep the one precious asset that differentiates you from your competition - your people.

Hire the right search firm based on their track record not their fee, hold them accountable for results then find comfort in having found a staffing partner to help you grow and succeed.