Technology Update March 2008

LoJack Corp. announces the availability of a new comprehensive solution for fleet managers that layers asset management capabilities on top of the company's proven stolen vehicle recovery system.

"LoCate+LoJack is a truly powerful solution for fleet managers and construction equipment owners," says Ronald V. Waters, president and COO. "It gives them unprecedented control over their valuable assets, maximizing the ROI on their equipment and enhancing business profitability."

LoCate+LoJack features the company's new easy to use and straightforward asset management system, which is based on GPS technology. It is a ruggedized system designed for installation in 12- or 24-volt equipment.

Key functions that enable fleet managers/equipment owners to readily analyze assets include location on demand for real-time equipment location via GPS data; geofencing for setting pre-defined radial boundaries; daily engine hour data for more effective maintenance planning and customer billing; and a system to create user-defined reports to track equipment utilization and maintenance scheduling.

Three monthly plans are available, including Basic (40 transactions/month), Plus (100 transactions/month) and Premium (400 transactions/month).

Leica Geosystems Builder RM
Leica Geosystems' Builder RM power model is equipped with an advanced multi-mode EDM, a mobile phone-style keypad and new features with the built-in PowerSite Software. The unit allows the user to simply aim and shoot to difficult targets such as wall corners or remote steel or concrete structures for fast, accurate layouts and measurements. Its easy to use keyboard and display provide operational simplicity.

New features of the PowerSite Software are designed to make complex tasks such as layout of curved structures, measuring to hidden points and layout using intersection points or grid points easy. Graphical elements guide the user through all


The Builder RM is rugged enough for construction use, and is designed for easy transport.

Topcon Pocket Layout
The Pocket Layout construction site software system from Topcon Positioning Systems is designed to seamlessly guide you through staking, topo and grade control operations.

"Even those new to layout will find that Pocket Layout provides them with information, displayed simply and clearly, to guide them through the steps necessary to complete restaking, topo, grade checking and as-built chores quickly, easily and accurately," says Murray Lodge, director of sales - construction.

The easy user interface enables the user to be self-sufficient in layout and basic measurement tasks. Blueprint dimensions can be manually or electronically input in the office for later use in the field. "Re-establishment of lost or moved stakes can be made easily," Lodge adds.

The system is compatible with the Topcon FC-200 series field controllers, and interfaces with any of the company's total stations. Its simple COGO, layout, tape dimension and reference line functions store and use multiple layouts, supporting robots and traditional total stations.

BUILD2WIN Field Tracking Software
The BUILD2WIN field tracking software from BID2WIN Software Inc. uses baseline information seamlessly transferred from BID2WIN Estimating and Bidding, and allows tracking of actual production quantities, labor hours, equipment usage, material quantities, subcontractor work and trucking against estimated values.

Using a browser-based user interface, executives, project managers, field engineers and foremen can view and track real-time status information about projects. Accounting personnel can also quickly and easily transfer actual quantities and payroll to their accounting system.

No software installation or maintenance is required on laptops in the field or computers in the office, and there are no requirements for synchronizing information between the field and office network. Up-to-date information is automatically transferred and available in real time. Foremen and managers can enter, view and track real-time status information about projects in the office, in the field or anywhere where an Internet connection is available.

Glacier Ridgeline Tablet
The Ridgeline Tablet from Glacier Computer delivers portable, rugged computing power to workers in harsh environments, including utility and construction applications. The Windows XP device is capable of running most any application while withstanding extremes of water and humidity at extreme temperatures.

Each tablet computer is designed and tested to withstand repeated 3-ft. drops to concrete, as well as IP 65 sealing mandates. It is equipped with a convenient touch-screen interface that workers use to retrieve and send information. The 10.4-in. display offers options for daylight readable functionality.

Each unit comes with an integrated 802.11 a/b/g radio, Bluetooth, numerous I/O and many hard drive options. Users can input data via touch screen or pen.

"Long battery life and wireless LAN technology allow instant access to a database, work order, blueprint, parts list or another computer," says Dan Poisson, director of engineering. "With an integrated GPS module, the Ridgeline Tablet becomes an indispensable tool to an employee in the field."

Trimble Wireless Data Controller
Trimble is now offering wireless capabilities for its LM80 Layout Manager. The solution incorporates a new controller and office software for real-time two-way data transfer between the project design team in the office and contractors at the jobsite.

The LM80 Layout Manager creates a digital replica of the building blueprint in the field, connecting both mechanical and robotic total stations to provide accurate, fast and simple building layout. The new wireless data controller includes wireless communications, Bluetooth connection capabilities, a highly visible screen and a fast processor. It enables design engineers to make changes immediately available to the contractor, and the contractor can transfer as-builts in real time to communicate progress reports and problems.

"As buildings become more architecturally complex, they also become more difficult for engineers to verify designs and contractors to perform layout," notes Pat Bohle, Building Construction Business Area Manager. "The Trimble LM80 Layout Manager, combined with the accuracy of a total station and capabilities of the new wireless data controller, deliver a powerful, easy to use tool to the general and concrete contractor."

Carlson Layout
Carlson Layout is designed to ease and speed the calculations required to lay out the foundations, columns and utilities of architectural buildings. Using conventional or robotic total stations, the system sets out corners, offsets and columns, minimizing the need for taping distances or making complicated calculations. The program moves smoothly between decimal feet and architectural feet and inches.

"This is a simple sketch and tap system, with point numbers optional," says Bruce Carlson, founder and president. "With Carlson Layout, building plans are digital and portable, in your pocket, ready for location, computing and staking."

Derived from the Carlson SurvCE 2.0, Carlson Layout offers a new layout interface that allows replication of paper blueprints or building digital plans simply and quickly. Traditional entry methods are also supported.

The program can be connected to most electronic total stations. Data can be imported with Carlson Survey, Civil and SurvCE and other desktop software.