Spotlight: Placing Equipment March 2007

M-1000 Curb & Gutter Machine

  • Microprocessor controls for elevation and steering
  • Charging hopper with heavy-duty modular auger
  • Standard hydraulic track tensioning system, quick mule mount system and triple grouser track pads
  • 103-hp John Deere diesel engine


Miller Formless Co. Inc.

Hi-T500 Track Dumper

  • Tips into a standard skip and inverts completely for total discharge
  • 28 in. wide - will pass through a standard doorway
  • Hydrostatic drive and controls
  • 1,100-lb. maximum carrying capacity
  • Ergonomically designed operating station with low hand/arm vibration


Miniveyor Systems Inc.

Champion Silo Mixers

  • Models SM1200 and SM2000 are available with single- and three-phase configurations that allow for inside work


  • 12- and 20-cu.-ft. capacities
  • Power Blend system with heavy-duty triple-8 mixing action provides a smooth, uniform mix


Stone Construction Equipment Inc.

Concrete Pump Attachment

  • Pumps up to 250 ft. horizontally and up to two stories vertically
  • Places concrete at up to 28 cu. yds. per hour with a high-flow loader
  • Includes a horizontal agitator, expanded metal walkway, swiveling control panel and protective guard panel to strain larger objects from the concrete mix


Bobcat Co.

Curb Fox 2000

  • Paves curb and gutter up to 24 in.
  • Sensors position the paver for elevation, steering and slope
  • Can slip-form radii down to 18 in. with optional tight radius package


Messinger Inc.

Power Buggy

  • 16.5-cu.-ft. capacity
  • Steel or poly-type tank
  • 6 in. of bucket clearance in fully dumped position
  • 13-hp Honda engine


Ingersoll Rand Co.

Power Curber 5700-C

  • Ideal for curb-and-gutter, sidewalk and barrier slip-form paving
  • Pour from right side or left
  • 132-gal. onboard water capacity
  • Narrow body for tight paving, swivel chute, computerized Cummins engine and raised operator platform


Power Curbers, Inc.

Edgemaster Series 800

  • Gas or electric
  • Slip-steering for tight turn radius
  • Few moving parts to reduce maintenance and wear


Kwik Kerb

LBC-24W Concrete Curber

  • Slip-forms curb and gutter, alley ribbons and sidewalks up to 4 ft. wide
  • Can smoothly pour a radius as tight as 24 in
  • 44-hp diesel engine
  • 7,500-lb. weight



MB16P Power Buggy

  • 2" x 9" solid steel frame
  • All six tires filled with SuperFlex gel to eliminate flats
  • Available with poly or steel bucket
  • Recoil or electric-start 13-hp Honda engine


Miller Spreader Co.

Mobile Mixers

  • Custom truck-mounted, trailer-mounted and stationary mobile mixers
  • Enable operator to adjust precise amounts of each ingredient
  • 1- to 10+-cu.-yd. capacities with hourly production rates up to 60+ cu. yds.
  • Truck-mount available in front- and rear-discharge models


Elkin Mfg. Inc.