Asphalt Contractor Product Showcase February 2007

Trail King Advantage Series Asphalt Trailer
The Advantage Series Live Bottom trailer delivers over 2,000 lbs. more payload than previous trailers.

  • Lightweight, modular, high-strength design
  • 60-degree sloped walls
  • 36-inch, heat- and oil-resistant, two-ply rubber continuous belt moves entire load to rear for discharge
  • Options include manual and electric tarp systems, various tailgates, multiple-axle configurations, air-ride and air-lift suspensions and a 102-inch-wide body

Bid Designs Asphalt Estimating and Job Costing
Determine your estimated versus actual production for the same day with this web-based software application.

  • Designed to be simple and user-friendly
  • Offers an interface for entering data and quick access to your data

Bobcat High-Flow Planer
The Bobcat high-flow planer attachment is designed to mate uneven pavement surfaces, cut drainage in parking lots, perform street repairs and cleanup around larger milling machines.

  • Low maintenance
  • Side-cutting bits decrease drum binding in the cut and produce a vertical edge that improves the joint bond between a layer of asphalt and the existing layer

Malvern Control and Analysis Software for Rheometers
Malvern Instruments offers a software version for its range of Malvern Bohlin rheometers.

  • Version 6.40 includes flexible data analysis setup and automation and a completely new test type
  • Analysis routines built into the software, including a template wizard, improved model fitting capabilities, Time Temperature Superposition (TTS) analysis, and data manipulation routines
  • Extended language support
  • Fewer than five mouse clicks are needed to perform an analysis

Pine SuperPave AFG2Gyratory Compactor
Pine's new AFG2 is its third generation gyratory compactor which incorporates the newest technology that laboratory technicians need in a gyratory compactor.

  • Built-in angle measurement capabilities
  • Designed to account for frame compliance and dynamically compensates for varying mix stiffness.
  • Internally stores results from 20 previous tests, including gyration number, specimen height, angle of gyration, consolidation pressure and sheer per gyration (optional)

C.U.E. Inc. Dura-Trax
The Dura-Trax track pads fit most OEM asphalt paving and milling equipment.

  • Enable equipment to travel over existing pavement without damaging it
  • Molded from premium, liquid-cast, thermoset polyurethane
  • Engineered for ease of installation
  • Designed to deliver greater traction and maneuverability and longer service life

Sweepster CS Series Sweepers
The CS Series sweepers feature four casters and a parallel linkage suspension that allow them to follow ground contours independently of the loader.

  • 7- and 8-foot-wide sweepers with 26-inch-diameter brushes available for use on backhoe-loaders, telehandlers and compact wheel loaders up to 1.5-cubic-yard capacity
  • 8- and 9-foot-wide sweepers with 32-inch-diameter brushes designed for wheel loaders from 1.5- to 3.5-cubic-yard capacity
  • Effective sweeping speeds up to 8 mph

Keith Walking Floor
The Walking Floor design from Keith Mfg. features "V"-shaped hydraulically powered floor slats for maximum impact absorption

  • For conveying and unloading rock, sand or hot asphalt
  • Powered by tractor-mounted PTO
  • Floor speed controlled by increasing or decreasing rpm
  • Stationary and mobile systems available