Pavement Showcase 2006: Snow Handling

The Boss Poly Power-V

  • Low-friction coefficient poly moldboard impregnated with color to resist fading, cracking and deterioration
  • Available in 8-ft. 2-in. and 9-ft. 2-in. sizes

The Boss Snowplow

Hiniker V-plows

  • 1852 and 1952 DA-Series V-plows utilize double-acting angling cylinders to provide full moldboard control
  • Mounts easily on full-size, heavy-duty pickup trucks

Hiniker Company

Snow Wolf Ultra Series

  • Available in seven widths from 6 to 9 ft. for skid steers
  • Scoops snow rather than pushing it
  • Dual-pivot A-frame allows blade to to follow ground contours without scraping

Snow Wolf

Pro Plus Plow Wings

  • Available for 7 1/2-, 8-, 8 1/2- and 9-ft. Pro Plus snowplows
  • Add up to 30% more carrying capacity and reduce trail-off
  • Single pin design means quick and easy attach/detach

Western Products

Power Angle, V Plows

  • Vertical and horizontal flotation pendulums provide better contact with the ground
  • Widths from 9 ft. to 13 ft.

Drivex USA

Skid Steer V Plows

  • Lexan or stainless-steel moldboards
  • 99- and 109-in. widths
  • Multi-position wings — scoop to V and positions in between

Sno-Way International, Inc.

Bobcat Snow Blade

  • Available in 4- to 8-ft. widths
  • Hydraulic cylinders angle moldboard left or right 30º
  • Spring trip on moldboard protects components

Bobcat Co.

Dump Box Spreader

  • Connects and disconnects quickly to dump body
  • Increase productivity by carrying 30-40% more material than a V-box
  • No need for truck conversions


TrynEx Spreader

  • SnowEx V-Maxx 8500 has a 2-cu.-yd. multi-angle polyethylene hopper
  • Inverted V salt/sand baffle and attached vibrator
  • 5- to 40-ft. variable spread width
  • Fits pickups, flatbed, dumps

TrynEx International

Road Snow Plow

  • Steel trip edge, fixed-angle plow designed for city roads
  • Fits onto a backhoe or wheel loader in 5 minutes
  • No hydraulics necessary

Ledex Industries

FFC Snow Push

  • 4 x 4 Snow Push available in 16-, 20- and 24-ft. models
  • For full-size wheel loaders, skid steers, backhoes, utility loaders, small wheel loaders

Sweepster Attachments, a Paladin Company