Spotlight: Trowels January 2007

Dynapac BG70
The BG70 nonoverlapping, ride-on double trowel can be equipped with blades or pans.

  • 70-in. working width
  • Honda GX620 engine rated at 20 hp at 3,600 rpm
  • 70- to 150-rpm blade rotation speed
  • Relatively light weight allows early floating with discs

Allen 500B
The Allen Engineering 500B riding trowel features the latest Allen innovations.

  • Hydraulic power steering
  • 56-hp diesel engine that turns two five-bladed spiders
  • Spans a full 10 ft.
  • Patented counter-rotational rotors and the new XHD gearbo

Terex Bartell HS90 & LP95
Terex Light Construction introduces the Bartell HS90 overlapping, high-speed finishing trowel and the Bartell LP95 nonoverlapping, lightweight panning trowel.

  • HS90 has dual five blade trowels and offers a 240-rpm
  • LP95 has dual four blade trowels and achieves speeds up to 180 rpm

Whiteman Series Trowels
Multiquip's Whiteman Series BA-4-8H and JA-4-5H power trowels include a height-adjustable 2-in. diameter tubular steel handle for improved operator comfort and workability.

  • Each has four blades
  • Unique throttle control design allows selection of operating speed with a twist of the wrist
  • Patented QuickPitch handle option allows the operator to raise or lower the glade pitch in 1/8-in. increments by simply squeezing the latching lever

The 320-lb., 13-hp MK8-75H LOWRIDER trowel features twin 30-in. rotors and an edger system for finishing nearly flush to walls.

  • Can be equipped with finish or combo blades and float pans
  • Synchronized steering
  • Able to pass through a 32-in. doorway

Arrow-Master F-Series
These walk-behind power trowels offer a direct-drive gear-case and a lower center of gravity for consistent, reliable power with less wobble and side torque.

  • 30-, 36- and 46-in. diameters
  • Fully enclosed spider assembly to protect the blade-arm and pitch-control components
  • Electric deadman switch