Spotlight: Skid-Steers December 2006

Bobcat K-Series
K-Series skid steers (S130 to S300) feature the hydraulically driven SmartFAN cooling system, which senses operating temperatures and self-regulates to rotate the fan only as fast as needed.

  • Drive chain size upgraded to 120 HSOC for 38 percent more strength
  • 2 in. added to lift height on large-frame vertical lift path loaders
  • K-Force hydraulic system added to medium-frame models

Case 400 Series
The 400 Series includes five radial-lift and three vertical-lift models with maximum rated operating loads ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 lbs.

  • 49- to 82-net-hp Tier II-certified engines
  • Extra-heavy-duty design
  • Cooling system designed for balanced cooling to the engine and hydraulics
  • Low-effort servo-hydrostatic controls
  • Two-speed operation with speeds up to 12 mph
  • More than 75 attachments available

New Holland SuperBoom
The SuperBoom line of skid steers includes nine models ranging from 600- to 2,800-lb. rated operating capacities.

  • 14.4- to 74-net-hp output
  • Super Boom vertical lift linkage allows for greater reach
  • Long wheelbase keeps the center of gravity low for better load-carrying capability and greater lift capacity
  • Large loader lift and bucket cylinders provide added breakout for tough digging applications
  • Optional high-flow hydraulic system provides 34 gpm
  • Designed for operator comfort and ease of service

Mustang 2044 and 2054
The upgraded 2044 and 2054 skid-steer loaders feature a re-engineered ROPS/FOPS enclosure with a larger rear window and redesigned side screen for added visibility.

  • 1,550- and 1,750-lb. rated operating loads with optional counterweight
  • 49.5-hp Yanmar diesel engines
  • Optional dual-lever hand controls require 18 percent less effort
  • Additional control options include dual lever with foot controls and T-bar with foot controls
  • Optional acoustical sound package

Gehl 7810E
The 7810E is powered by a 99-hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine with 305 ft.-lbs. of torque.

  • 3,850-lb. SAE rated load capacity and 8,340 lbs. of bucket breakout force
  • Auxiliary hydraulic system provides 29-gpm adjustable flow and up to 41 gpm with optional high flow
  • Available two-speed drive with ground speeds up to 12.5 mph
  • 55-in. wheelbase, optional Hydraglide ride control system and special lift arm suspension system supply a smooth ride at faster ground speeds

Caterpillar Vertical Lift Skid Steers
The 232B, 242B, 252B and 262B vertical lift skid steers offer rated capacities from 1,750 to 2,700 lbs.

  • 6,661- to 7,861-lb. operating weights
  • 49- to 78-hp Caterpillar electronically controlled, Tier II engines
  • Two-speed option available on 252B and 262B with maximum travel speeds up to 11 mph
  • Also feature an improved hydraulic system design, anti-stall system and pilot hydraulic joystick controls