Pump it Up

When matching your customers with the proper equipment, it's always best to ask them lots of questions. Pumps are no exception. Even if they seem to know what they need, don't be afraid to ask customers how they're going to use the pump what it is they're pumping. It will mean the difference between getting them the wrong equipment or the right solution for their problem.

Where to start

Before matching your customers with the right pump, there are a few things you and your staff will need to understand about the equipment.

First, make sure you understand all the terminology and the basic pump features. As with other equipment in your inventory, you must be an expert before you can help your customers.

Second, always use the proper size hoses and fittings. Before the equipment goes out on rent, be sure all hoses are inspected for leaks, weaknesses and kinks. Fittings should be check to ensure proper suction.

Be sure to warn customers to never let a pump run dry. This could damage some types of pumps and seals.

Make sure your pumps have the proper mounting or frame protection. Also, know the individual manufacturer recommendations for approved chemical applications before renting to your customers.

Finding answers

The following questions will help you match your customers to the right pump:

  • What are you going to pump? The answer could be chemicals, water, trash water or sewage — all require a different kind of pump.
  • How is the fluid situated on sight? What's the elevation, temperature, altitude and distance to the pump?
  • How much fluid do you need to pump and how fast?
  • Have you computed total head?
  • Where is the discharge going?
  • What piping material will you be using?
  • How long will the pump be running, and will it be monitored constantly?
  • Are there any noise constraints on site?
  • What is the running time? This will help determine tank size for fuel efficiency.

Information provided by Honda Power Equipment.

Subaru Robin Centrifugal Pumps

  • Self-priming pumps available in 2-, 3- and 4-in. models
  • 4.5- to 6-hp Subaru Robin EX Series overhead cam engines
  • 2-in. PKX201 offers a delivery volume of 158 gpm
  • 3-in. PKX301 provides a delivery rate of 256 gpm
  • Low-tone muffler and sound-suppressing air cleaner for quiet operation

MWI PrimeRite

  • For contractors, dewatering firms, sewage-bypass operations, municipalities and industrial operations
  • Automatic dry-priming trash-handling pump
  • Can be operated unattended
  • Available with a sound-attenuated enclosure

Gorman Rupp 8-in. Environmental Silent Pump

  • PA6C60-4045T-ESP is suited for bypass pumping or any application that requires sound attenuation
  • Provides flow rates up to 2,750 gpm and heads up to 200 ft.
  • Can handle 3-in. solids
  • Able to run dry indefinitely without damage
  • Environmental base contains all fuel and engine liquids that could otherwise leak onto the ground during an accident

Godwin Dewatering Pumps

  • For general dewatering applications
  • Dri-Prime automatic self-priming models come in sizes from 2 to 16 in. and offer high solids-handling capabilities and heads to 600 ft.
  • 1/2- to 90-hp Sub-Prime electric submersibles offer flows to 5,000 gpm, heads to 375 ft. and solids handling to 3.2 in. in diameter
  • 6-hp GSP60SL and 4-hp GSP40SL SlimLine submersibles have a maximum diameter of 7.25 in.

Honda Pumps

  • Complete line of portable water pumps for general purpose, construction, multi-purpose and submersible applications
  • Equipped with Honda GX series OHV commercial-grade gas engines or Honda's easy-starting mini four-stroke engines

Thompson Pump 88HST

  • 8-in. high head, high flow, hydraulic submersible pump handles solids up to 3 in.
  • Maximum capacity of 3,300 gpm
  • Pumps efficiently at heads up to 240 ft.
  • Designed to run dry without damaging components
  • Constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and steel

Tsurumi Diesel Trash Pumps

  • Heavy-duty Robin diesel engines with easy pull recoil start
  • Durable rolled-steel cage frame
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • High-chrome impeller and cast-iron volute casing with replaceable stainless-steel wear plate

Multiquip QP-305SLT

  • 110-lb. QP-305SLT 3-in. centrifugal pump has a maximum shutoff head of 328 ft. with a top pressure of 142 psi
  • Moves up to 145 gpm and features a dual impeller system to generate higher pressure
  • Includes two 1-in., one 1.5-in. and an optional 3-in. discharge port
  • 11-hp Honda GX-340 gasoline engine
  • Also features a cast-aluminum volute, low-oil shutdown and a ceramic/carbon mechanical seal

BJM SPV Series

  • Portable electric submersible pumps
  • Model SPV48 pumps 475 gpm in high volume and 365 gpm in high head configuration with heads up to 115 ft.
  • Models SPV160 and SPV160H pump 1,000 gpm at 30-ft. heads and 300 gpm at 100-ft. heads with maximum heads of 260 ft.

ITT Flygt Ready 8S

  • Constructed of wear- and corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel and synthetic materials
  • Features a 2-in. NPSM discharge and handles solids up to 1 1/2 in. in size
  • Achieves 36 ft. of head and pumps up to 110 gpm
  • 1.1-hp motor powered by single-phase 115- or 230-volt power
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Abrasion-resistant silicon carbide seal faces