New Stabilizer Fills Gap in Product Line-Up

The new WR 2400 soil stabilizer and reclaimer from Wirtgen Group is a compact, versatile machine based on the WR 2000 platform, and fills a gap in the Wirtgen stabilizer/reclaimer lineup.

The WR 2400 provides a working width of 94.5 inches and is capable of milling and recycling to a depth of up to 20 inches, placing it between the 79-inch WR 2000 introduced in 2004, and the 96-inch WR 2500 S and 120-inch WR 3000 S.

When used for soil stabilization, the WR 2400 works its way even through the most difficult terrain, due to its all-wheel drive and high reserve capacity. For cold recycling, the WR 2400 restores damaged road pavements to stable layers of high bearing capacity by mixing in liquid or powdered binding agents.

With its Tier III diesel engine rating of 563 hp, the WR 2400 possesses high reserve capacities for the treatment of difficult soils. The machine has all-wheel drive and features a high ground clearance due to its well-proven, vertical lifting column design. This enables the WR 2400 to make headway even in very rough terrain and helps prevent the machine from getting stuck.

The WR 2400 also features four different steering modes allowing excellent maneuverability. The all-wheel steering system with its four modes enables both the maneuvering of tight curve radii, as well as the parallel approach of curbs or other obstacles.

The WR 2400 features a four-fold, full-floating lifting column system, enabling the chassis to "glide" on the surface smoothly even in case of pronounced bumps. All four lifting columns adapt to the terrain dynamically, thus enabling the smooth behavior, constant working depth and precise operation of the machine.

The WR 2400 offers a full range of cold recycling applications, enabling the various options of in-place cold recycling to be used in everyday jobsite methods. The unit is equipped with microprocessor-controlled injection systems for water, emulsion, cement slurry or foamed asphalt, which precisely meter the quantities added, thus ensuring an optimum quality of the mix. The spraying nozzles of the different injection systems can be switched on or off individually. Cleaning of the nozzles is automatic.
The milling drum of the WR 2400 is equipped with the patented quick-change HT11 toolholder system. These toolholders can be replaced quickly, thus reducing machine downtime. As with all recyclers of the new generation, the milling and mixing rotor of the WR 2400 is driven mechanically. This drive concept, which is successful worldwide, ensures maximum efficiency and uses the power of the diesel engine in the best way possible.

A variable mixing chamber ensures constant quality of the mix; the larger the working depth, the larger the quantity of material to be processed in the mixing chamber. This design enables the mixing chamber to increase correspondingly and automatically.

An ergonomic operator's platform offers maximum convenience and optimal working environment in dusty conditions. The operator's cabin can be displaced to either side at the push of a button, providing the driver with an optimum view of the milling edge and ensuring precise and safe milling flush to-curb. The operator's console inside the cabin (driver's seat and control panels) can be turned continuously by up to 90 degrees. These features ensure the non-fatiguing and convenient operation of the machine and facilitate the operator's work on the jobsite.

Ingersoll Rand Titan 7820
The Titan 7820 paver from Ingersoll Rand is designed for placing any kind of wearing, binder, and base course material in large paving widths and thicknesses. Unit can install roller-compacted concrete (RCC), cement-treated base, non-treated base, stone, soil cement, and asphalt. The Electronic Paver Management II (EPM II) provides information on functions of the paver, vital operating-condition information, and diagnostic checks to the operator through an intuitive interface. The Titan 7820 has a hopper capacity of 14.8 tons. A 231-hp Deutz diesel engine gives the unit variable speed control up to 65 fpm when paving and 2.2 mph in transport. The traction drive is electronically controlled for consistency. Unit will accommodate a variety of screeds, including fixed and hydraulically extendable screeds.

The Screen Machine SPYDER 516T
The SPYDER 516T tracked portable screening plant incorporates Smooth Start technology. Additional features include an 11-cubic-yard hopper, Caterpillar 312 undercarriage, heavy-duty Grade 80 steel construction and unibody structure deep frame design. The screen box includes a 5' x 16' double-deck, two bearing screen with up to a 600-tph capacity, depending on material specs. Screen angle hydraulically adjustable from 8 to 20 degrees. Unit can simultaneously screen four different material sizes with the optional grizzly.

Case E Series Wheel Loaders
The new Case E Series — the 721E, 721E/XT and 821E — feature new cab enhancements, including a tilt steering column, infinitely adjustable seat, arm rests and control placement. Powered by 183- and 213-hp fully electronic 6.7-liter Tier III-certified Case engines, the units offer four work modes, including max, standard, economy and auto. The electrically actuated rear hood provides easy access to the engine and all daily maintenance checkpoints. Three remote drains for coolant, engine and hydraulic oil provide convenient access. The cube-shaped mid-mount cooling module supplies clean, ambient air to all coolers. Operating weights range from 30,644 to 37,844 pounds, while bucket capacities range from 3.01 to 3.78 cubic yards.

Bid Designs Asphalt Estimating and Job Costing
Determine your estimated versus actual production for the same day with this web-based software application, which is designed to be simple and user-friendly. The Asphalt Estimating and Job Costing application offers an interface for entering data and quick access to your data.

LeeBoy 8510 Conveyor Paver
The LeeBoy 8510 conveyor paver commercial class paver features 12-inch-diameter casted augers and a 7.5-ton hopper constructed of heavy-duty 3/8-inch steel with large radius hopper wings for enhanced material flow. In addition, the 8510 features standard hydraulic operating controls and dual lever joystick steering from both sides of the paver. The 8510 is powered by a 74-hp Hatz Silent Pack engine and features the 8- to 15-foot Legend Screed System with dual vibrators and the choice of either propane or Legend Electric Screed heat systems.

Zanetis Road Saw
Zanetis Power Attachments introduces the RS10 Road Saw attachment for high-flow skid steers. Available in 2.5- and 4.5-inch cutting widths and featuring a 10-inch cutting depth capability, unit features hydraulic depth and sideshift control, as well as a front access door that eases tooth and holder replacement. The Road Saw uses inexpensive carbide cutting teeth capable of cutting through asphalt, concrete, ½-inch rebar and frozen ground. It also has a flush mounted planetary torque hub for greater right side clearance. The RS 10 is designed for cutting expansion joints, pavement patchwork, utility laterals and traffic loops.

Clement JobStar "Western Trains"
Clement Industries has created JobStar "Western Trains" to maximize haulers' profits in western markets. The JobStar Western Train features a 40-foot tri-axle lead trailer with a 20-cubic-yard capacity, and a 24-foot 14-cubic-yard pup trailer. The Western Trains were developed with the elimination of unnecessary weight in mind. An important part of that design is JobStar's framework structure designed for maximum strength and minimum weight. Unique to that structure is the use of the long beams as an air tank for the operation of the trailer. Unit is constructed of 3/16-inch sheet steel throughout the hopper.

Terex Pegson XA400 Crushing Plant
The new 1100 x 650 Terex Pegson XA400 tracked crushing plant features the "M" Series single toggle jaw with a hydraulic adjust system that lets you quickly change the machine setting with no drawback rod adjustment. With up to 400-tph capacity, unit can handle large feed due to its aggressive, high swing jaw. Features include a hydraulic folding feed hopper for easy setup, under-crusher access with underscreen feeder option and a Caterpillar C9 powerpack. Product conveyor discharge height is 13 feet; conveyor lowers hydraulically for transport. Cantilever vibrating grizzly spring-mounted vibrating pan with twin heavy-duty cast eccentric shafts running in spherical roller bearings. Supertooth jaws are fitted as standard. Other standard equipment includes side/dirt conveyor, overband magnetic separator and radio remote control.