Wirtgen Introduces the W 100 F with Level Pro

Wirtgen's new W 100 F milling machine features a front loading system and a standard working width between 3 and 4 feet. The unit, the latest addition to Wirtgen's range of cold milling machines which is now comprised of 16 models, features the Flexible Cutter System (FCS) as an option.

This patented system permits a swift change of milling drums so that a single machine can perform a range of different applications. Using FCS drums, customers have working widths ranging from 1 to 3 feet at their disposal.

Level Pro for more precise milling results

Wirtgen has now developed its own system with a software specially programmed for cold milling machines.

Level Pro can be used with the new cold milling machines with a 3-foot working width for the first time. The entire system consists of sensors, a control unit and an operating panel for the driver. The most important parameters, such as the set and actual values for the milling depth on the right- and left-hand sides of the machine and the slope are clearly shown on the graphics-supporting digital display of the Level Pro operating panel.

The machine operator can enter or correct the values quickly and securely with the large-surface tactile switches. Modern digital signal processing ensures the supreme precision of the milling results on the jobsite.

The Level Pro operating interface is divided into a total of three areas with separate displays. The left- and right-hand displays are for all functions concerning the left or right milling side respectively. An additional display at the center can be used to enter further pre-settings independently of the ongoing application, for example, the calibration for switching between milling depth and slope. Shift keys can then be used to seamlessly transfer these parameters to the left or right-hand side of the machine.
The new leveling system can be operated intuitively. Level Pro has been extensively tested by customers under tough on-the-job conditions and the response has been extremely positive. The system is installed at an easy-to-reach location on the right-hand side of the operator's platform, next to the main operating console.

Engine with power boost, low consumption

The engine of the new cold milling machine is a 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine from Cummins. Thanks to the elastic mounting, the engine is much quieter.

These special engine features result in an increased productivity and improved daily performance combined with an economical mode of operation. In milling and travel drive, the engine speed is automatically controlled — an additional benefit which helps to reduce diesel consumption.

"Less is more" ergonomic design

On the operator interfaces, the functions have been optimized in such a way that the number of switches was reduced by some 20 percent.

The operator has all the most important functions directly in view on the clearly arranged main operating console. From a seated position, he or she can safely and comfortably operate all the control elements. In addition, all central control elements, such as the operation of the side plate, are also integrated in the right-hand armrest.

Fully automatic functions simplify operation

A range of automatic functions simplify the milling machine driver's everyday tasks. The automatic water system ensures that water is only selected when actual milling work is taking place, which controls water consumption. The milling drum is also switched on or off automatically.

Another example of the increased convenience of operation is the combined operation of the scraper blade and gradation control beam at the milling drum. Both components can either be fixed or set to a floating position at the push of a button.

Additionally, the conveyor speed is controlled automatically for the primary conveyors: even when the engine speed is reduced, it's ensured that the speed at which the milled material is loaded is constant.

Clarence Richard Low Profile Silo
The new low profile portable silo from Clarence Richard Co. does not require a crane or concrete pad. This horizontal unit can be used for hydrated lime and mineral fillers. It features innovative methods for continuous weighing and control for batching and blending as well as for compressing and evacuating difficult materials.

Terex Pegson XR400 Jaw Plant
The new 1100 x 650 track XR400 is Terex Pegson's "new generation" hydraulic-release jaw plant, featuring the "M" Series single toggle design. This aggressive, high-swing jaw can accept large feed. Unit features up to 400-tph output and very low fuel consumption. The hydraulic folding feed hopper is designed for easy setup. Other features include excellent under-crusher access with underscreen feeder option; self-supporting hydraulic folding feed hopper with wedgelock system enables easy setup; and a Caterpillar C9 powerpack. Product conveyor discharge height is 13 feet.

HLV Series from Detroit Radiant Products
The HLV Series is the latest in infra-red technology. Engineered to utilize both two-stage and condensing technology, it offers optimal operating efficiencies and fuel savings. Key operational features include a 20-percent reduction in output when operating in low fire and stainless-steel tailpipe when optional condensing operation is utilized. Infrared output is optimized with highly polished aluminum reflectors and coated aluminized or hot-rolled steel radiant tubes. Standard features include titanium-coated combustion chambers, hot surface ignition, indicator lights and most mounting accessories.

Ingersoll Rand Wheeled Pavers
Ingersoll Rand introduces the PF-6160 and PF-6170 wheel-mounted pavers, which features an auger system that is now independent of the conveyor system. Each of the two auger and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors for more precise handling of material. Reversible augers and conveyors are optional. A hopper capacity of 14.4 tons gives each paver a practical production rate of 820 tph. Each paver is powered by a 205-hp Cummins Tier III engine. The PF-6160 and PF-6170 pavers have a paving speed of 293 fpm and a traveling speed of 12 mph. The operator station features a new layout and a digital display, which provides the operator with onboard diagnostic capabilities. Units have dual control stations that can rotate and pivot at two points for comfort and each seat may be extended beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility. Both pavers have a screed width of 10 feet and a maximum paving width of 26 feet.

Midland Asphalt FiberMat Type B
FiberMat Type B, a sprayed-in-place crack inhibitor, is a stress absorbing membrane interlayer from Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. Using the patented FibreDec process — a combination of special polymer modified asphalt emulsion, chopped fiberglass strands and aggregate — the mixture acts as a highly resilient waterproof membrane that seals and effectively delays reflective cracking. The surface can be opened to traffic within initial lay-down and the overlaying of the final wearing course; the latter may even be applied at a later date.

Gilson Multi-Use Load Frames & Component Sets
These new material testing frames from Gilson Co. Inc. offer many options and are very versatile systems to meet many laboratory needs. One or two load frames can often perform many of the strength tests in a laboratory, requiring only a quick change of components. Component sets and accessories required are available for testing of soil, soil-cement and asphalt specimens. Frames can be configured to work with the following tests: Unconfirmed Soils; CBR; Triaxial, Soil Cement; and Marshall Stability.

Atlas Copco HB 2500 Breaker
The 5,512-pound HB 2500 hydraulic breaker attachment from Atlas Copco features Krupp percussion technology and is suitable for carriers in the 29 to 43 metric ton class. Unit accepts maximum hydraulic flow of 58 gpm at 2,610 psi and delivers an impact rate of up to 550 bpm. The PowerAdapt system automatically shuts down breaker in the event of excessive oil pressure from the carrier.