Asphalt Pavement Construction

Vögele 2219T Paver
The 2219T rubber-track paver uses a 190-hp Cummins QSB5.9TAA turbocharged, aftercooled diesel engine.

  • Final drive uses two hydraulic motors to deliver four speed ranges with shift-on-the-fly control
  • Top travel speed of 10 mph
  • 225-cubic-foot hopper capacity
  • Maximum paving width up to 25 feet 6 inches
  • Fully proportional feeder system with ultrasonic material level sensors
  • Augers hydraulically adjust from 4 to 9 inches above the ground

Caterpillar BG-260D
The BG-260D rubber-tire paver competes in the 10-foot-size class.

  • For interstates, highways, subdivisions and airport applications
  • High travel speed
  • Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology
  • Dual operator stations
  • Three propel modes
  • High capacity cooling package
  • Unique material handling system with independent feeder and auger controls

Ingersoll Rand PF-4410 Blaw-Knox Paver
The PF-4410 Blaw-Knox paver from Ingersoll Rand is capable of placing bituminous base, binder and surface course mixes, cement-or lime-stabilized sub-base, and graded aggregate material.

  • 242-fpm paving speed
  • 8.5-ton hopper capacity
  • 8-foot basic screed width; maximum paving width is 25 feet

Roadtec Asphalt Spray Paver
The gravity-fed SP-200 allows asphalt cement or emulsion to be sprayed directly in front of the asphalt mix before it is laid for NovaChip applications or traditional paving.

  • Includes a heated 2,100-gallon asphalt cement/emulsion tank and three rows of spray nozzles for delivering AC or emulsion
  • Manual or onboard microprocessor control of flow rate
  • Can be equipped with an Eagle 10 extendable 10-foot screed or other Roadtec or Carlson 10-foot screeds

Caterpillar AP-1000D
The AP-1000D is a 10-foot wheel-type asphalt paver that features a Cat C7 turbocharged, Tier III engine with ACERT technology.

  • Dual swing-out operator stations
  • Hydrostatic propel system with three propel modes
  • High-capacity cooling package
  • Material-handling system offers independent feeder and auger controls and a 12.2-metric-ton hopper capacity

Bomag 814-2 Mid-Size Paver
The Bomag 814-2 mid-size class, self-propelled asphalt paver features the UNIMAT 2 screed assembly with an 8- to 14-foot standard paving width.

  • Hydraulically controlled screed extensions
  • 85-hp water-cooled Cummins turbo diesel engine
  • Load-sensing hydrualic system
  • Paving speeds up to 180 fpm; travel speeds up to 360 fpm
  • Paving depths ranging from zero to 6 inches
  • Screed can be crowned or inverted up to 2 inches and is equipped with a vibrator and propane heaters

Ingersoll Rand 3120 Commercial Paver
The 15,800-pound 3120 commercial asphalt paver is powered by an 87-hp liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engine.

  • Standard Liberty Screed offers an 8-foot basic paving width; up to 15-foot paving width with front-mounted hydraulic extensions
  • Compatible with V-3 Xtend-a-Screed
  • 8-ton hopper and dual independent auger and conveyor systems
  • Standard under-auger cutoff doors

LeeBoy Legend Electric Screed
The electrically heated Legend Screed System is available for commercial class pavers in the 16,000-pound and under range.

  • Available for the 8500 and 8515 models with an 8- to 15-foot paving width as well as the 24,000-pound 8816 model with an 8- to 15.5-foot paving width
  • Features include bull-nose screed plates, angle of attack controls, front-mounted screed extensions and crown/invert control

Terex CR662RM RoadMix MTV
The 50,800-pound Terex/Cedarapids CR662RM RoadMix switches from material transfer vehicle to paver in a matter of hours.

  • 16.7-ton receiving hopper
  • Remix Anti-Segregation System with two sets of two counter-rotating augers that reblend 100 percent of the asphalt
  • Rubber-track drive system with Smarttrac self-tensioning track system
  • Outboard drive spreading augers and a new generation Remix System

Terex Cedarapids CR500 Mainline Pavers
The CR500 mainline pavers feature paving widths to 30 feet.

  • Available in traditional slat conveyor and Remix auger delivery systems
  • 260-hp Cummins diesel engine meets Tier III, CARB Tier III and Stage IIIA emissions standards
  • Rubber-tire, rubber-track and steel-track models
  • Available hopper inserts provide up to a 25-ton capacity; base hopper capacity is 16.7 tons

Roadtec RP 195 Asphalt Paver
The RP 195 is a 10-foot-wide rubber-track paver designed to work in all types of subgrades and paving applications.

  • Improved track system provides large footprint
  • Rubber-coated oscillating front bogies provide even pressure along track footprint
  • Sauer-Danfoss 90 series hydraulic pump

Roadtec Shuttle Buggy
The Shuttle Buggy MTV eliminates temperature and material segregation problems and helps contractors meet smoothness specs.

  • 300-hp Tier III Cat engine
  • Dual operator's stations
  • Patented remixing auger
  • 55-degree paver loading conveyor swing to either side

Dynapac F5CS Tracked Paver
The F5CS tracked paver from Dynapac is designed for applications such as cycle tracks, sidewalks, pavement extensions, car parks and sport fields.

  • Convenient operator platform
  • Independent hopper arms
  • Screed widths range from 47.2 to 94.4 inches

Layton D-550 Super-Paver
The D-550 tow-behind Super-Paver features single-lever controls of independent augers, screed depth and extensions.

  • Up to 12-foot-wide paving
  •  Manually adjustable hopper wings
  • Dual propane-powered engines

Gehl 1648 and 1448 Pavers
These Power Box asphalt pavers are designed for various commercial and municipal applications.

  • Two, fully adjustable screed options
  • 4- to 13-foot paving widths
  • 4-foot 9-inch to 5-foot 5-inch wall height for better operator visibility
  • 1648 has the option of attaching material augers to the extensions
  • 41-hp Isuzu water-cooled engine

Ingersoll Rand Titan 7820
The Titan 7820 can be used to place wearing, binder and base course material, plus it can install roller-compacted concrete, cement-treated base, non-treated base, stone, soil cement and asphalt.

  • 14.8-ton hopper capacity
  • Accommodates fixed and hydraulically extendable screeds for placing material up to 38.2 feet wide and 11.8 inches thick
  • 231-hp Deutz diesel engine
  • Standard Electronic Pavement Management II control unit

Mauldin Classic 550E Paver
The 550E classic compact paver is available in both crawler and rubber-tire models.

  • Extendable augers for laying 6-inch mat to a full 13-foot width without the use of shovels
  • Gear-driven steering system
  • 23-hp, three-cylinder Kubota water-cooled diesel engine
  • Paving speed of up to 140 fpm

Vögele 2116w Paver
The 2116w rubber-tired paver is versatile and productive enough for small to large commercial jobs.

  • 19 foot 4 inches long
  • 8 foot 6 inches wide
  • 92-inch wheelbase
  • Inside turning radius of 12 foot 6 inches
  • Maximum paving width of 21 foot 6 inches

HAMM HD O120V Asphalt Compactor
The HD O120V has a 78-inch drum width with an offset working width of 81.5 inches.

  • 26,345-pound operating weight
  • 3.9-mph working speed
  • Rear drum features oscillation compaction with oscillation force of 46,125 to 62,775 pounds
  • Front drum features conventional vibration up to 3,000 vpm

Caterpillar CB-300 E-Series
The CB-334E and CB-335E asphalt compactors are powered by the 50-hp four-cylinder Caterpillar 3024C Tier II diesel engine.

  • CB-334E double-drum unit has a 51-inch compaction width and an 8,731-pound operating weight
  • 8,092-pound CB-335E combi unit has a 51-inch-wide drum at the front and four smooth tires at the rear
  • Hydrostatic propel system
  • High-frequency vibratory system generates 4,140 vpm

Sakai GW750 Roller
The GW750 vibratory rubber-tired roller is suitable for tender mix Superpave applications, stiff HMA mixes and SMA.

  • Develops an equivalent of up to 55,000 pounds of compaction effort in a 20,000-pound package with a 77-inch rolling width
  • Pavement integrator achieves compaction from top to bottom of a typical HMA lift
  • Multi-amplitude eccentric weights in front and rear axles
  • Hydrostatically driven axles
  • Articulated steering system

Bomag BW190AD-4 AM
Bomag's BW190AD-4 AM tandem vibratory roller features Asphalt Manager technology to automatically measure and control compaction performance.

  • Slanted drum support legs, high curb clearance and clear view of the drum surface
  • 79-inch-wide drums
  • 131-hp Deutz diesel engine
  • Front drum delivers up to 55,575 pounds of centrifugal force

Stone Wolfpac 4100
The Wolfpac 4100 is a 40-inch-wide, double-drum drive asphalt roller suited for confined area asphalt compaction of base, binder and finish coats.

  • Design allows vibration to be directed to the front drum, the rear drum or both drums
  • Electro-hydraulic circuit combined with a custom-designed manifold allows vibration to be activated where needed
  • 4,000 pounds of impact per drum
  • 24.8-hp water-cooled Kubota diesel engine
  • Features include internal vibration, centerpoint articulation coupled with a short wheelbase, and high curb and minimum wall clearance on both sides

Bomag BW24RH & BW27RH Rollers
Bomag's BW24RH and BW27RH penumatic-tired rollers are powered by 99-hp and 131-hp engines, respectively.

  • Hydrostatic drive system provides infinitely variable speed control from zero to 12 mph and smooth transitions between forward and reverse
  • Fully ballasted operating weights of 52,911 and 39,525 pounds
  • Four front and four rear tires cover 80-inch working width
  • 106-gallon pressurized water spray system

JCB 390 and 400 Rollers
JCB's 390 and 400 tandem rollers are designed for medium-sized paving jobs.

  • 51.2- and 55.1-inch rolling widths
  • 46.6-hp four-cylinder Kubota diesel engines
  • Sealed articulation joints and splash-lubricated bearings
  • Single control lever allows fingertip operation of forward/reverse and vibration on/off

Arrow-Master P-Series Plates
The P-series vibratory plate compactors feature a reversible guide handle and double-formed leading edge for improved climbing.

  • Vibration system incorporates a full-width weight shaft and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings in the base
  • Travel rates up to 135 fpm
  • 2,500 to 5,300 pounds of centrifugal force
  • Honda, Briggs, Robin, Kohler or Kawasaki engines
  • Protective roll bar

Case DV Rollers
The tandem-drum DV201, DV202 and DV204 vibratory compaction rollers feature operating weights from 5,510 to 7,720 pounds.

  • 39.4- to 51.2-inch drum widths
  • 27- to 38-hp engines
  • 3,180- to 3,720-vpm drum frequency
  • Centrifugal forces from 4,580 to 8,877 pounds
  • Manual or automatic vibration shutoff

Stone Silver Fox Forward Plates
The Silver Fox series includes eight models offering compaction forces from 2,200 to 5,100 pounds.

  • Honda, Robin or Briggs & Stratton diesel engines
  • Forward-mounted eccentric and 15-degree ramped leading edge for fast forward travel speeds and optimum gradeability
  • Self-cleaning, one-piece base plate and extra-large eccentric housing dissipate internal heat over plate
  • Also feature a synchronized drive system, 13-quart removable water tank and patented water system

Dynapac Tandem Asphalt Rollers
The CC232 HF/232 HF tandem asphalt rollers feature a high vibration frequency with low amplitude.

  • 18,520- and 20,065-pound maximum operating weight
  • 20,060/15,800 pounds of centrifugal force per drum at high/low amplitude
  • 82-hp Deutz air-cooled turbo diesel engines
  • Split drums reduce the risk of cracks in asphalt on sharp curves
  • Also feature a large water tank, sprinkler timer and large fuel tank

Dynapac CA 250 Roller
The CA 250 roller features improved operator comfort and visibility.

  • 110-hp Cummins 4BTAA 3.9 engine
  • Operating weight of 23,815 pounds
  • 60-inch drum diameter with a drum width of 84 inches
  • Vibration frequency of 1,980 vpm
  • Strong steering hitch, frame construction and rear axle and drum design adapted from larger models
  • Optional bolt-on pad drum shell

Ingersoll Rand DD-118HFA
The Ingersoll Rand DD-118HFA high frequency, high amplitude compactor offers SMART drum technology with eight automatic amplitude settings.

  • Maximum centrifugal force of 42,070 pounds
  • Vibration frequency ranges from 3,000 to 4,200 vpm
  • Maximum nominal amplitude is 0.031 inches
  • 27,670-pound operating weight

Sakai R2H Three-wheel Roller
The R2H balanced three-wheel roller incorporates three equal-diameter drums, which means equal force per linear inch across the compaction width.

  • Develops 365 pounds of force per linear inch across its 83-inch rolling width
  • Water ballast can be added to vary the output force across each drum
  • Rounded drum edges
  • Center-point articulated steering

Dynapac CC800-900-1000
A new range of tandem asphalt rollers feature spacious operator platforms.

  • 3,500-pound operating weights
  • 31-, 35- and 39-inch-wide drums
  • 23.5-hp water-cooled, three-cylinder Perkins engine
  • 4,200 vpm
  • 3,825 pounds of centrifugal force

Dynapac CC422V HF Vision Series
The CC422V HF Vision Series double self-propelled vibratory asphalt compactors feature a pressurized spray system and spring-loaded scrapers.

  • 125-hp Cummins diesel engine
  • Operating weight of 24,915 pounds
  • 66-inch-wide vibratory drums with frequency of 3,000/4,020 vpm
  • Two 158-gallon water tanks
  • Asphalt temperature meter

Atlas Single-Drum Rollers
Atlas single-drum vibratory rollers are available in six sizes from 7 to 19 tons.

  • Smooth or padfoot designs
  • All models powered by Perkins diesel engines
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Two-stage vibrating system with dual frequencies
  • Maintenance-free eccentric shaft and center-pivot steering
  • Various options for operator comfort and work efficiency

JCB Vibromax VM Series Rollers
The VM Series single-drum rollers include 18 models ranging in size from 4.5 to 18.5 metric tons.

  • Includes 10-metric-ton VM 115, as well as redesigned VM 46, VM 75, VM 132, VM 146 and VM 186
  • Available in smooth drum, padfoot drum and padfoot drum with blade configurations

Ingram AS315 Static Drum Roller
The AS315 features three static steel drums and provides a ballasted weight to 15.5 tons.

  • Cummins four-cylinder diesel engine
  • 84-inch rolling width
  •  350 pounds/square inch in compression
  • Standard ROPS
  • Dual operator seats
  • Optional 160-gallon sprinkler system

Wacker RD 27 Series
This 2.5-ton class ride-on roller series includes two models featuring 39.4- (RD 27-100) and 47.2-inches (RD 27-120) drums.

  • Dual vibration frequencies
  • Throttle level controls exciter frequency in each drum, adjusting centrifugal force to the high or low position
  • Ergonomic design with improved visibility and vibration-isolated operator's station
  • Single, hydraulic control lever with built-in vibration control switch

Beuthling Compaction Equipment
Beuthling offers 17 different static and vibratory, rigid frame and articulated models.

  • Models range from 1 to 5 tons
  • Also available are asphalt rakes with large-diameter, powder-coated handles, as well as six trailer models sized to compliment roller line

Asphalt Paving Equipment Anders 3436
The Anders 3436 3-ton, seven-wheel pneumatic roller incorporates a wobble-wheel system for a quality finish.

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 38-hp Kubota diesel
  • Pressurized water spray
  • Certified ROPS

LeeBoy 440 Soil Compactor
The 440 vibratory soil compactor provides a 74-inch compaction width and is available with an optional padfoot drum.

  • Amplitude of .07 at 2,100 rpm with a frequency of 2,900 vpm
  • 10,500-pound static weight converts to a maximum 20,000 pounds of centrifugal force
  • 63-hp Perkins engine
  • Hydrostatic rear wheel and drum drive
  • Joystick control of forward/reverse travel, steering and drum vibration

Bomag BW213DH-4 BVC Roller
The BW213DH-4 BVC single-drum vibratory roller features the Variocontrol Intelligent Compaction system, which automatically adjusts drum output energy to optimize compaction of the target material.

  • 84-inch drums with dual amplitude
  • Delivers up to 82,125 pounds of centrifugal force and 1,680 vpm
  • 155-hp Deutz diesel engine
  • Terrameter for direct soil stiffness testing during compaction
  • Anti-Slip Control system

Terex TV900 Asphalt Roller
The TV900 asphalt roller features a heavy-duty articulated chassis.

  • 22-hp Kubota engine
  • Optional hydraulic power pack
  • Operator vibration isolation
  • 6-in-1 control lever
  • Anti-vandal protection standard

Mauldin Steel Drum Compaction Rollers
Calder Brothers Corp. offers a three-model line of Mauldin steel drum compaction rollers for paving contractors.

  • 1¼-ton, 1½-ton and 2-ton models
  • Automotive-type steering linkages and split-front drums
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Operate in both static or vibratory modes
  • 18-h, two-cycle gasoline engine

Compac TA Series Double-Drum Rollers
Models in the TA series are available in 42-, 48- and 52-inch widths suitable for asphalt and aggregate.

  • Choice of vibration on both drums or front drum only at a higher vpm rate for finishing
  • Optional hydraulic rear steer or offset (front to rear)
  • Timed relay automatically turns off water and vibration when the machine is in neutral
  • Full instrumentation and multifunctional control lever

Roadtec Material Transfer Vehicles
Roadtec now installs exclusively CAT Tier III engines in its Shuttle Buggy and MTV-1000 material transfer vehicles (MTVs).

  • Both the Shuttle Buggy 2500 D and the MTV-1000 D MTVs got a boost in horsepower from 275 to 300; new engine provides compliance with Tier III emission codes
  • Shuttle Buggy features a 25-ton hot mix surge bin

Gomaco Commander II
The 12.5-foot-long Commander II curb and gutter machine utilizes the simultaneous trim/pour concept, which provides more accurate concrete yield and high single-pass production.

  • GOMACO Network Controller for steering and grade
  • Hydraulic controls for the auger, conveyor and travel
  • Two-track system or getting in, around and out of smaller projects
  • Mold can be side mounted for minimum side clearance or under mounted for shoulders, trails and sidewalk projects

TransTech Shoulder Wedge Maker
The Shoulder Wedge Maker mounts on the screed extension face against the end gate of an asphalt paver.

  • Able to form a compacted, tapered edge fillet at an angle less than 45 degrees
  • Designed to develop a 30-degree slope off the edge of the mat
  • Leaves a smooth, durable, beveled surface to facilitate re-entry of a vehicle to the original travel lane
  • Kit includes wedges and mounting hardware for both left and right sides of paver

Power Curbers 150 and 440-XL Extruders
The 150 and 440-XL extruders produce asphalt or concrete extruded curbs for parking lots and highways.

  • Create pre-shaped, freestanding, structurally sound curbs
  • Average pouring speeds of 3 to 6 meters per minute
  • Replace the need for pre-cast curb or hand labor

PaveSmart Grade Control System
PaveSmart introduces its improved grade control system that can be used on airport and road prjects that have smoothness and variable depth pave/cut-to-grade requirements.

  • "All-in-one" control box
  • Larger screen with backlight
  • HP Palmtop can now be used as a field book and/or data transfer device to the control box
  • Adjustments can be made "on the fly" while paving/milling
  • Operates with a rolling paving screen showing screed personnel
  • Power supplied from the paver/mill or separately plug unit into 12-volt DC with cords provided

Topcon Sonic Paving Control Systems
Topcon's sonic paving control systems include the Paver System 5 and SmoothTrac systems.

  • Available for all brands of pavers
  • Designed to improve the quality and productivity of paving operations

1-800-PAVEMENT is a vanity number for asphalt contractors.

  • For a monthly fee, all calls to 1-800-PAVEMENT in the area codes that you do business in will be routed to your telephone
  • Ownership allows you to have exclusive rights to the number in your region, membership in a Pavement Network that shares work throughout the country, a free marketing plan, and call detail reports

Neupauer Asphalt-Mobile
Neupauer's Asphalt-Mobile is a materials transporter and mobile system for proportioning, drying, heating, mixing and delivering hot asphalt for paving.

  • Materials are carried in compartmented bins and tanks
  • Hauls 18 tons
  • 40-tph production rate

1-800-Asphalt is designed to increase advertising response up to 14 times.

  • Overcome area code confusion
  • Own multiple area codes in your state
  • Keep customers out of the phone book
  • Easy number to remember

Leica Paver Control Systems
The 2D and 3D machine control systems are designed for use with asphalt pavers and road planers.

  • Digital controller based on CAN-bus technology and adaptable to most machine hydraulics
  • Ultrasonic, stringline and slope sensors and high-precision laser receivers available
  • Basic 2D system can be upgraded to a stringless 3D system for large paving projects requiring a high degree of accuracy
  • Optional Big Ski Solution available for joint matching applications