Microtopping to Encapsulate VCT Tile with Asbestos

Project Info:
Commercial Offices
Hudson Street
New York, NY
TPG Architecture General Contractor:
Tri-Star Construction Corp.

The Challenge:
Four thousand square feet of corridors with existing VCT tile with asbestos that abuts carpeting. Client needed a durable and thin material that could be applied over existing tile.

The Solution:
Get Real Surfaces averted having to remove the asbestos while giving the client the aesthetic originally desired (new concrete floor).

In lieu of the high-cost and hassle of abatement the architect and contractor contacted Get Real Surfaces to provide a thin flooring material that would encapsulate the VCT with asbestos. The material needed to be thin to allow for transitions from room to room. The new finish needed to be installed as quickly as possible and Get Real Surfaces was able to complete each area in four days (from priming to sealing).

The Process:

Get Real Surfaces advised Tri-Star, the general contractor, of the required preparation work to the existing flooring (loose tiles removed, floor cleaned and free of debris) and determined the required thickness of the floor material needed (completed work was approximately 5/16 inch average). Once the site was ready, Get Real Surfaces applied a primer to the floor to create an adequate bond between the existing tile and the new flooring material. The floor was patched to even out any spots where the tile was removed and the entire floor received a ΒΌ-inch self-leveling topping to provide an even surface. The next application required Get Real Surface's Trowel-Applied Microtopping, which is a decorative coating comprised of a cement and polymer mix and applied on hands-and-knees by steel trowel. The next day the company were able to return and seal the floors with environmentally compliant, no-VOC sealer.