Asphalt Paving Products March 2009



  • For work on granular, cohesive and mixed soils
  • 14.75-hp Hatz air-cooled diesel engine
  • Maximum working speed of 88.6 fpm
  • Gradeability of 35 percent
  • Maximum vibration frequency is 3,360 vpm
  • Centrifugal force is 22,500 pounds
  • Exclusive Economizer system detects soil stiffness and achieves optimum compaction more quickly and efficiently


BOMAG Americas

CB54, CB54 XW and CB64 Asphalt Compactors


The CB54, CB54 XW and CB64 asphalt compactors are powered by Tier III-compliant Cat C4.4 engines.

  • Electronic control modules and easy access to machine system for fast service
  • 67- to 84-in. drum widths
  • 23,818- to 30,148-lb. operating weights


Caterpillar Inc.



The F5CS tracked paver is designed for applications such as cycle tracks, sidewalks, pavement extensions, car parks and sport fields.

  • 81-cu.-ft.-capacity hydraulically operated, double-walled hopper
  • Propane or electrically heated screed is hydraulically extendable to 7 ft. 9 in. with a maximum working width of 10 ft. 2 in.
  • Placement thickness to 8 in.
  • 53-hp Deutz liquid-cooled, emissions-compliant diesel engine
  • Working speeds up to 52 fpm


Dynapac USA, Inc.

HD O120V


The HD O120V has a 78-inch drum width with an offset working width of 81.5 inches.

  • 26,345-pound operating weight
  • 3.9-mph working speed
  • Rear drum features oscillation compaction with oscillation frequency of 2,520 to 3,000 vpm


Hamm Compactors Inc.

HR500E screed


The HR500E electrically heated, rear-mounted extension screed from Vogele America has a unique box frame design with multiple horizontally positioned guide tubes.

  • Provides maximum rigidity and strength to ensure zero flexing, even at the widest paving width
  • Exclusive pre-strike off positioned in front of the extension screed provides a consistent rolling head of material required for uniform mat texture, desnity and smoothness
  • Rigid sloping base design allows each end of the extension screed base to slope independently for maximum alignment with the main screed, resulting in a more consistent and smooth mat


Vogele America Inc.

Millimeter GPS for Asphalt Pavers



The Millimeter GPS precise positioning technology is available for use on asphalt pavers.

  • Enables one GPS system to be used for finish grading, trimming, profiling and paving airport, highway and parking lot projects
  • Lazer Zone technology generates a vertical accuracy to within a few millimeters
  • PZL 1 zone-beam laser transmitter sweeps a 2,000-ft.-diameter area with a 33-ft.-high wall of laser light
  • PZS MC compact sensor mounts on a mast attached to the paver toe arm to provide vertical data


Topcon Positioning Systems

PF6160 and PF6170


The PF6160 and PF6170 feature an auger system that is now independent of the conveyor system.

  • Auger and conveyor drives use sonic sensors for more precise handling of material
  • 10-ft. screed width and a maximum paving width of 26 ft.
  • Paving speed of 293 fpm
  • 14.4-ton hopper allows a practical production rate of 820 tph
  • 205-hp Cummins Tier III engine
  • Dual control stations
  • Operator station features a new layout and a digital display with onboard diagnostic capabilities


Volvo Construction Equipment

RP 195


The RP 195 is a 10-foot-wide rubber track paver designed to work in all types of subgrades and paving applications.

  • Improved track system provides large footprint
  • Rubber-coated oscillating front bogies provide even pressure along track footprint
  • Sauer-Danfoss 90 series hydraulic pump


Roadtec, Inc.



Ingram Compaction offers the RP915B 9-wheel, rigid-frame pneumatic roller with all-wheel oscillation for compaction on uneven surfaces. Unit is powered by a four-cylinder Cummins diesel engine and features zero to 8-mph working speeds and up to 16-mph travel speeds. Features include sliding seat with 180-degree rotation, standard ROPS and a ballast to 30,500 pounds with wet sand.


Ingram Compaction LLC

SW880 and SW990


The SW880 and SW990 high-frequency, higher force vibratory asphalt rollers are designed to achieve density faster, while providing a smoother finish across the mat.

  • 79- and 84-in. drum widths and 29.5-in. curb clearance
  • Produce 4,020 vpm at 10 to 12 impacts per foot
  • ExactCompact built into the control panel for easy adjustment of ground speed
  • AutoSpeed function memorizes the "green zone" settings for full-stroke lock-in at the forward-reverse control
  • 131- and 166-hp Deutz Tier III diesel engines


Sakai America, Inc.

Vibromax 390 and 400 Tandem Drum Rollers


The Vibromax 390 and 400 model tandem rollers are well suited for medium-sized paving jobs.

  • Drum widths of 51.2 and 55.1 in.
  • Ultra-quiet, 46.6-hp four-cylinder Kubota diesel engines
  • Sealed articulation joints
  • Splash-lubricated bearings eliminate the need for greasing
  • Single control lever allows fingertip operation of forward/reverse and vibration on/off


JCB Americas

Weiler E1250 Remixing Transfer Vehicle


The 48,500-lb. Weiler E1250 self-propelled remixing transfer vehicle features ergonomic controls, a 250-hp Caterpillar C7 engine and a planetary drive system for a low center of gravity and tight turning radius.

  • Remix hopper with twin interlaced 16-in.-diameter segmented augers to remix temperature and size segregated material
  • Discharge conveyor ranges up to a 12-ft. discharge height and can swing to either side
  • Drivetrain consists of two hydrostats and four drive motors and planetaries
  • Tilt-wheel steering and ergonomic control positioning


Weiler / Five Star Industries