Mini Trenchers: Good Things in Small Packages

Mini trenchers, which are designed to install dog fencing, low-voltage lighting, drain lines, irrigation lines and more, can cut anywhere from seven to 18 inches deep.

There are three basic types of machines on the market today: the disc-type machine, which uses a large wheel with teeth mounted on it to cut the trench; the chain-type with replaceable teeth much like its larger kin; and the blade- or rotor-type, which uses, as you might expect, a replaceable blade.

Following are some mini trenchers that are available to the rental market today.

Barreto 912 Trencher
The 912 self-propelled trencher is powered by a 9-hp engine and offers a 12-in. digging depth.

  • Hydraulically operated boom and digging chain
  • Freewheeling hubs on both sides
  • Pivot system keeps the pivot-bushing out of the dirt
  • Half the weight of standard trenchers
  • Small enough to fit into tight spaces and through small gates

Little Beaver Kwik-Trench Earth Saw
The Kwik-Trench Earth Saw makes clean, narrow trenches and deposits soil on one side to minimize backfill and clean up.

  • For installing lawn sprinkler systems, landscaping edging and other shallow trenching applications
  • Trenches up to 30 fpm at 12-in. depth, depending on model

Vermeer RT60
The Vermeer RT60 mini trencher is designed specifically for rental stores, cable and telephone line installers and irrigation contractors.

  • Choice of 6-hp (4.5 kw) Kohler or 5.5-hp (4.1 kw) Honda engine
  • Compact 61" x 24" footprint
  • Features trench depth lever, loading handles and a patent-pending, foot pedal ground-drive assist
  • 4-, 8-, 12-in. boom sizes
  • Weighs 270 lbs.

Ground Hog T-4 Trencher
The T-4 operator-propelled chain-type trencher is designed for jobs requiring a 12-in.-deep by 3-in.-wide trench in a short period of time.

  • Depths of 6, 8 and 12 in. with 4- or 18-in. conversions available
  • Comes with shark or carbide-tipped rock-type teeth, tapered roller bearings and a powder-coated exterior
  • One-way ratchet assembly
  • Designed for easy maintenance

Bluebird BedBug Landscape Edger
Bluebird's BedBug Landscape Edger is designed for creating landscape beds, while the CableLayer is for trenching, burying and backfilling pet fence or landscape lighting in one step.

  • Common platform and interchangeable blades and shields (available in optional kits) allow operators to switch between each unit in a matter of minutes
  • Removable shield provides easy access for maintenance and cleaning without tools
  • 5.5-hp Honda GX engine with a centrifugal clutch

E-Z Trench Bedscaper BE310-A
The E-Z Trench Bedscaper BE310-A landscaping trencher is powered by a 6.5-hp Honda GX engine with a centrifugal clutch.

  • Handle-mounted controls for the throttle
  • Adjustable cutting depth and handle height

Turf Teq 1305 SuperPivot
The SideWinder self-propelled walk-behind trencher can trench up to 5 in. deep.

  • Two blades for cutting widths of 1/2 and 2 in.
  • 13-hp Honda engine
  • Has multi-use capability as a landscape bed edger, rotary broom or power rake

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