New Rental Products June 2006

The following are products recently introduced to the rental market, as well as models which have undergone significant changes.

Mustang Joystick Control Option for Skid Steers
Mustang has added a new control option to its mid-sized skid steers. The new dual joystick pilot controls for models 2076 and 2086 will boost operator productivity by combining ease of use, precision and additional functionality. Designed to be intuitive for the operator, the Mustang joystick controls operate drive functions with the left joystick and loader lift/tilt functions with the right joystick. Push buttons on the controls offer additional functions.

Hitachi C10RB Jobsite Table Saw
Hitachi Power Tools announces its new 10-in. professional-grade jobsite table saw with stand, the C10RB, featuring a 15-amp motor that produces 4,000 rpm. With an oversized aluminum table top for extra support and 24 1/2 inches of ripping capacity to the right and 10 in. to the left, this new saw provides professionals with a capable, portable tool that's economically priced. Saw comes equipped with a 10-in. 36-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade.

PRX50 Stump Machine from US Praxis
US Praxis introduces the Ultra-Portable 5-hp Stump Machine that weighs 103 lbs. and includes folding handle for easy transportation. In transport position it measures only 22 in. wide, 50 in. long and 29 in. tall. Powered by a 5.5-hp Honda GX160 engine, the PRX50 cuts from from 10 in. above ground to 10 in. below with a recommended maximum diameter cut of 24 in. Model features replaceable carbide-tipped "Quadrublades" that deliver high productivity with their unique patented design. Blade replacement takes less than 10 minutes.

E-Z Trench SG-65 Woodchuck Stump Grinder
E-Z Trench's new stump grinder breaks away from traditional vertical cutting blades and uses a horizontal carbide blade. This design makes grinding stumps or cutting brush easier because it cuts against the wood grain. The Woodchuck weighs only 160 lbs. and is compact enough to transport in an SUV or pickup truck. A Honda GX200 6.5-hp engine coupled with a transmission that is in oil provides ample power and protection for the Woodchuck. There are no belts to maintain because the transmission is coupled to a 50-hp rated right-angle gearbox with a chain/sprocket coupler.

RedMax EXZ2401S-BC Extreme Machine
A 23.6cc Strato-Charged engine drives this Extreme Machine, a commercial trimmer/brushcutter equipped with RedMax's durable PT104 Plus head. The Strato-Charged engine meets emissions compliance by introducing fresh air into the engine between the exhaust gases and the fresh charge of air/fuel mix. This pure two-cycle engine has fewer moving parts, requires no valve maintenance and uses less fuel than traditional two-cycle engines. The EXZ2401 has a split-shaft and both the upper and lower driveshafts are made of solid steel. This allows the trimmer/brushcutter to be interchanged with RedMax pole saw, edger and long-reach hedge trimmer attachments.

Kaeser M26 Compressor with Scratch-Resistant Shell
Kaeser presents the M26 Mobilair portable compressor that delivers up to 90 cfm at 100 psig and has been optimized for even lower noise and emission levels. The M26 features a new non-scratch, dent and temperature-resistant molded polymer shell and is perfectly suited for construction, demolition and other heavy-duty uses. Standard features include the power-saving Sigma Profile airend, heavy-duty Kubota diesel engine as well as an instrument and lighting package.

Whiteman WM120SHHDS Mixer from Multiquip
Multiquip's new Whiteman 12-cu.-ft. capacity plaster/mortar mixer is a stationary model that eliminates the axle interference on tow-behind mixers. This, along with standard forklift pockets, allows a forklift to pick up and safely move the mixer without delay. The heavy-duty WM120SHHDS hydraulic mixer is fueled by a 13-hp Honda gasoline engine designed for use on commercial construction sites. Standard features include hydraulic dump and wide dump lip for the simple transfer of materials to wheelbarrows and pans, a wear-resistant 5/16-in. steel tub and greaseable seals.

MEC 3072 and 3772 Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts
The new 3072 and 3772 rough-terrain scissor lifts feature the MEC Quad-Trax four-wheel drive system. With three separate drive modes to choose from, the operator can now select high- speed, mid-range or high-torque range. All three drive modes can be selected while the scissor lift is in motion and will shift automatically. Working heights extend to 36 and 43 ft. Width is 72 in., providing a 60-sq.-ft. platform space when the roll-out deck is extended to a full 48-in. Optional features include auto-leveling outriggers, removable upper control stations and platform work lights.

Winco W6010DE Generator
Winco's W6010DE portable diesel generator now offers improved features. The 10.5-hp Hatz B40 engine satisfies the EPA Tier II emissions requirements, runs quieter, smoother and maintains excellent fuel economy. The larger 7-gal. fuel tank keeps this generator running for over 10 hours at full load. A 30-amp, 120/240V outlet allows more versatility to meet more power requirements. Low oil protection and hour meter are standard.

Kesmac KTR 30R Turf Roller
The Kesmac KTR 30R Walk-Behind Turf Roller is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine with Oil Alert and features an Eaton hydrostatic transmission with transport lock-out. Fingertip direction and step-less speed control, as well as a convenient on/off switch, are located on the handle, which can be folded for storage or transport. A heavy-duty 3/16-in. checker plate drum for traction and long life comes with two plugs to fill or drain, varying the weight from 475 to 865 lbs. At 35 in. wide, unit will fit through most gates and the power unit protection guards the engine, gas tank and transmission in addition to providing a single lifting point.

Barreto Grader Rake
Barreto introduces its Grade Rake designed to take the place of an aluminum landscape rake. With the Barreto Grader Rake, moving dirt or clearing out debris is easy. Instead of back-breaking bending, the user's back and arms remain straight as the rake is pulled, using leg strength. The rake is heavy enough to move dirt without undue pressure on the user's arms. Urethane tires make the rake easy to maneuver. The rake is ideal for finish grading after rough grading with a tractor bucket or skid steer. The rake is also great for backfilling after trenching, spreading gravel and more.

Pearl VX10.2XLPRO Tile Saw
Pearl Abrasive's new VX10.2XLPRO tile saw is made for the professional. It's designed to cut tile, porcelain, granite tiles, marble tiles and much more. The machine is engineered to rip cut a 24-in. tile and diagonal cut an 18-in. tile. Powered by a 2-hp motor, this model weighs 84 lbs. and is 24 in. long. Features include a fully enclosed induction motor, heavy-duty on/off switch, stainless-steel telescoping rail guides and water tub and 10 sealed metal roller bearings.