Jobsite Lifiting June 2006

Suppliers of aerial lift equipment are continually refining their designs and introducing new models to accommodate changing jobsite access needs. Following are some of the latest boom and scissor lift designs highlighted at various trade shows earlier this year.

Snorkel Slab Scissor Lifts
The S2646 narrow slab scissor lift has a 26-ft. height and a 1,000-lb. platform capacity, while the S3246 has a 32-ft. height with a 700-lb. capacity. Both models incorporate a pothole protection system, level sensor and drive motion alarm. Additional features include center pivot-type steering, fully proportional drive/lift, two-wheel drive and joystick control on a removable console. The units are drivable at full height.

JLG Mast-Style Boom Lifts
JLG Industries introduces a series of self-propelled mast-style boom lifts. The vertical telescoping mast includes a jib boom that extends the platform away from the mast. Coupled with 360° pivoting capability, the lifts provide access to even hard-to-reach overhead sites. With the mast lowered and jib retracted, the compact units are easy to navigate through narrow aisles and in tight spaces. The E26MJ model has a 26-ft. 2-in. platform height and 440-lb. platform capacity.

Bil-Jax Summit Series Towables
The Summit Series towable booms include the 3632T with a 43-ft. 6-in. working height, and the 3522A, 4527A and 5533A articulated booms with 37-ft. 2-in. to 55-ft. 3-in. maximum platform heights. All models offer a 500-lb. platform load capacity. The units feature automatic self-leveling hydraulic outriggers, a simple to understand layout and a push-button design for ground level and platform controls. They can be transported by a 1/2-ton pickup at up to 65 mph.

Haulotte HA 80 JRT
Haulotte Group's 80-ft. HA 80 JRT diesel articulated boom features an 83-ft. 5-in. maximum working height with a 53-ft. maximum horizontal reach. Other features include four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, fully proportional simultaneous controls, 5° tilt alarm and more.

Skyjack Telescopic Boom Lifts
Skyjack's SJ 40T and SJ 45T telescopic boom lifts feature 40- and 45-ft. platform heights and 360° continuous rotation. The 40T has a 600-lb. platform capacity, while the 45T offers a 500-lb. capacity. Swing-up cowlings provide unrestricted compartment access, and a swing-out engine tray allows for quick maintenance and inspection. The axle drive system delivers 30% gradeability in two-wheel drive and 40% in four-wheel-drive configuration.

Specialty Equipment Scanlift XS Series
Scanlift XS Series boom lifts can be easily transported by a 1-ton or larger truck and trailer. The 10,600-lb. Scanlift XS 240 has a 79-ft. working height and 506-lb. platform capacity. Proportional hydraulic controls and automatic self-leveling outriggers allow for quick, easy setup. The 8,140-lb. Scanlift XS 190 has a 61-ft. platform height, 506-lb. platform capacity and full hydraulic controls. Both models offer Kubota diesel engines, four-wheel drive, oscillating front axles and 35% gradeability.

Genie GS-68 RT Series
The 68-ft. GS-68 RT series scissor lift features a true traction control drive system. Combiner divider valves divide and isolate hydraulic flow to each wheel for maximum power transfer to the ground even when one or more wheels lose contact. The units provide easy access to sites with 35% to 40% slope ratings. Two drive modes include Series Mode for flat or level paths and Parallel Mode for traveling uphill. Additional features include a hydraulic dynamic braking system and gas or diesel power.

MMLE TL50 Telescoping Boom
Man & Material Lift Engineering's TL50 four-wheel-steer boom lift is suited for any location requiring higher reach with tight maneuverability and lightweight floor loading. It features a lightweight, high-strength, seven-stage telescoping boom with a 650-lb. capacity at 50 ft. The boom can be angled down in one minute to produce a low stowed height for loading. The unit is equipped with an AC power source or can be switched to DC battery mode.