Lightning Fast

The quantity and complexity of the electrical and electronic equipment in use at aggregate plant facilities continues to grow as more and more new technology products become available. Equipment such as control instrumentation, computers, telephone and radio systems, remote-controlled valves and bins, load cells and scales or weighing equipment, VFD and PLC controls, are all susceptible to damage from induced voltages, whether they are constant-speed or controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive system.

This equipment represents a very significant investment, regardless of the size of the operation, and many times the ability to operate is adversely affected or even stopped when equipment is damaged from lightning. The protection of these valuable assets from lightning damage has presented new challenges due to the common use of extremely sensitive microelectronic components in just about everything that has a power cord, telephone line or coax cable connected to it. Rabun Labs responded to this challenge and need by developing technology that provides the level of protection these sensitive new technology products/assets require.

The Rabun Labs’ AI-1800 Equipment Protection System is an active system that interfaces with all types of equipment and provides the proper type of protection each requires. The system reacts to the threat of equipment damage by detecting lightning while it’s one to two miles away, and does something about it — automatically — with no human intervention.

When the system detects lightning, it automatically performs the following functions simultaneously:

  • For equipment/systems that must remain operational during an electrical storm, the system initiates the start-up of a stand-by generator and/or switches equipment to UPS operation. This mode of operation remains in effect for a minimum of six minutes after the last detected lightning strike, then equipment operation is automatically switched back to normal operation.
  • Disconnects/isolates circuits providing power to the AC outlets where selected non-critical, but sensitive, electrical or electronic equipment is plugged in from the AC power source, and grounds those outlets for a minimum of six minutes or until the storm moves a safe distance away, then automatically restores all connections and normal equipment operation resumes.
  • Disconnects/isolates/grounds the control wiring to remote located/operated equipment (i.e. valves/hopper controls, load cells, flow meters, etc.) that connects the remote equipment to a control location. This action can be as short as five seconds to a complete equipment shutdown for 20 minutes or until the storm moves a safe distance away.
  • Intercom and paging systems, telephones and telephone equipment, modems and fax machines: Each time a lightning strike is detected, the system performs a five-second interrupt action, which automatically “shunts” the telephone and/or intercom line to ground then restores.
  • For radio equipment, the system has a coax switching relay that isolates the antenna from the radio transceiver equipment. The system can either disconnect the equipment (isolate and ground the antenna) or, if operation of the radio can’t be interrupted, the system can place the equipment on a stand-by power source, such as a UPS or generator, then isolate and switch the antenna to ground for five seconds each time a lightning strike is detected.
  • For motors, the system has a Power Quality Monitoring function built-in. When the line voltage exceeds +/- 10 percent, the system can provide an audible and visual operator alert and/or an automatic disconnect/shut-down of the motor to protect it, and automatic restart when the line voltage is within the +/- nominal limits.

Riveer Cyclonator DCX

Riveer Co. introduces the Cyclonator DCX wheel wash system, which provides an easy-to-operate solution to drag off any fugitive dust problems. Remove mud, rocks, and other debris before leaving the jobsite. With capacity for up to 60 vehicles per hour and vehicle weights of up to 30 tons, the fully automated and portable dual-axel wheel washer is designed for high traffic flows. The system continually rotates the vehicle’s tires while spraying low-pressure high-flow water. All water is recycled. An internal sludge conveyor removes mud and debris to an external hopper. Unit is ready for year-round use in northern climates with optional internal heaters

Burke Helical

The Burke Helical skid-mounted unit is available in 1- to 4-million BTU capacities and features a site level indicator, automatic controls and burner with an optional gas-oil combination. Unit is designed with a large coil diameter. The coils in the radiant section are exposed to hot gases that transfer the heat to the inner circumference of the tubes and into the heat transfer fluid. The gases then turn and pass back over the outside surface of the tubes thereby transferring more heat to the transfer fluid. The coil is housed in a heavy-duty 1/4-inch shell that is insulated with ceramic fiber, which is composed of several different layers insuring that any shrinkage of fiber does not create any open seams.

Wylie Dump Trailer

Wylie’s new dump trailer can carry a skid steer to a jobsite, be loaded with soil, rocks or other materials and hydraulically dump those materials where needed. It can be towed behind any 3/4-ton or larger truck. The heavy-duty frame is constructed of 6-inch channel iron while the 6 1/2- by 12-foot. box is made of 10-gauge steel. The trailer is equipped with a height-adjustable 2 5/16-inch ball hitch (or 3-inch pintle), surge brakes, tandem 5,200-pound axles and 7.50 by 16LT highway tires.

Superior Truck Unloader

Superior Industries offers its new low profile truck unloader to quickly and easily discharge material from trucks onto conveyors or other trucks in just minutes. Featuring a less-than-12-foot-wide transport position, the unit offers quick setup. Its 72-inch-wide conveyor belt is accompanied by a discharge hood that directs material onto a smaller width belt. Delivering up to 1,500 tph capacity with no spillage, the unit can transfer 25 tons of 100 PCF material from belly dump or end dump trucks in minutes. Fast, simple operation is ensured via hinged, self-cleaning ramps that hydraulically rise to vertical position. The discharge height is also hydraulically adjustable. An electrical control panel with main breakers and starters features push-button operation of the hoppers, control pump and drive motors.

Mi-T-M Jobsite Boxes

Mi-T-M Corp. manufactures heavy-duty jobsite boxes that provide protection for tools and work gear. The boxes feature a swing-out handle for easier mobility, heavy-duty solid-steel construction with full arc welded seams, special powder-coated finish for extreme durability, tamper-proof armored locking system for protection against break-ins, full length concealed hinges riveted for additional protection and strength, special locking lid support that locks the lid open to prevent accidental closings, and reinforced support skids for increased protection and easy transporting. The jobsite boxes also feature predrilled skids for easy caster installation and optional removable tool trays to assist in tool management.

Cargill SafeLane Overlay

SafeLane, Cargill’s new anti-icing pavement overlay, is now available to those involved in maintenance of roads, bridges, parking ramps or any surface prone to icing up in winter. When liquid deicer is applied to this patented combination of epoxy and aggregate, it is stored inside and then automatically released when needed. This proactive approach protects bridge decks and roadways against frost and ice formations without the need to send work crews out in the midst of icy weather. The protective epoxy in SafeLane overlay is said to reduce the effects of chloride and water intrusion, known as primary catalysts for bridge structure oxidation.

Telsmith Lube Package for Cone Crusher Line

Telsmith Inc. introduces a lubrication package to its SBS cone crusher line. This lubrication system is designed to deliver greater operating efficiency while allowing easy integration to automated crusher controls. Engineered as a compact unit, the system’s tank and oil cooler are pre-mounted on a skid that provides safe lifting points for ease of installation. The clean, simple design aids in reduced maintenance requirements and greater protection against environmental hazards. The unit features unique neoprene seals with a bolt-down lid to create a positive seal that locks out contaminants, extending the wear life of internal components and minimizing oil change frequency.

Cimline HeatWave

HeatWave direct-fire melters feature heavy-duty tube-fired heating systems, heating sealant from the inside out to reduce scorching, and heating sealant quickly and evenly. Units are available in 30-, 90-, and 115-gallon capacities for economical, efficient, gravity feed cracksealing. The 90- and 115-gallon models feature an auger-type sealant agitator powered by a 4-hp Honda engine for quicker melting times and uniform heating.

ProStriper 8000

Dispensing Technology’s ProStriper 8000 ride-on paint striper can spray lines from 2 to 12 inches wide per gun at 2.5 gpm and at speeds up to 10 mph. Choose between the two guns/two pumps model, or the three guns/three pumps configuration. A 350-pound, pressurized glass bead dispenser system and a skip timer are standard. Other features include a stainless-steel pumping system, 60-gallon paint capacity, 70-degree turning angle, an airless handgun with a 50-foot hose, and a 20-mph travel speed.

Troxler PaveTracker Plus

Troxler Electronic Laboratories offers an improved sensor cover for its 2701-B PaveTracker Plus electromagnetic density gauge. Features include simple, self-adhesive disc design using upgraded materials; easy field replacement and installation; and cost-effective replacement kits. When a new gauge is purchased, the unit will come complete with the upgraded disc cover installed and a spare disc included. Replacement kits will be packaged in sets of three.

Meeker Oil-to-Oil Inline Preheater

The Meeker Oil-to-Oil inline preheater is designed for heating #4, 5 or 6 fuels or reclaimed oils to maintain the proper viscosity required for burner atomization. Units consist of an insultated heat exchanger mounted on a stand and is weather protected with 0.032 embossed aluminum. Features include all-steel rugged construction, modulating valve and digital temperature controller for consistent product temperature and flanged heat to remove heat exchange coils for cleaning.

Terex Finlay J-1175

Terex Finlay’s compact J-1175 single-toggle jaw crusher features ease of transport, fast setup and exceptional on-site mobility in a heavy-duty plant designed for hard rock crushing, plus built-in features for demolition/recycling applications. Built around a 42” x 30” Jaques crusher chamber, the J-1175 is fitted with a heavy-duty vibrating grizzly feeder with automatic control to regulate the feed into the crusher, plus hydrostatic drive and reverse crushing action to assist in clearing blockages. Exceptional spacing allows rebar and other recycled materials to clear through the jaw chamber onto the discharge belt, where they can be removed by the cross belt magnet. Jaw adjustment is fully hydraulic and, with the smart remote control system, the operator never leaves the cab. All crusher controls are incorporated on the handset. The 9.8-cubic-yard hopper has hydraulically folding sides with wedge clamps for fast setup. The engine is a 300-hp Caterpillar C9.