Quick Couplers

ACS Hydraulic Excavator Couplers

The ACS coupler locks by rotating the locking mechanism around the front bucket pin, increasing operator visibility and creating a safer work environment.

  • Low tip radius extension
  • Fully controlled from operator's compartment
  • Installation includes an audible alarm and pilot-operated check valve kit on locking cylinder
  • WagMann Wedgelock Pin Grabber Coupler

    WagMann offers mechanical and hydraulic versions of its wedgelock pin grabber excavator coupler.

  • 3,000- to 150,000-lb. available
  • Accommodates multi-pin centers
  • Mechanical can be quickly and easily upgraded to hydraulic
  • Werk-Brau Q-Tach Coupler System

    The Q-Tach hydraulic coupler is available for most loader-backhoes from 14 to 19 ft. and most mini-excavators.

  • Enables quick, easy attachment changes without operator leaving the cab
  • High-strength steel used throughout with hardened bushings at all pivot points and hardened pins
  • Operates off a standalone independent hydraulic system
  • Stanley LaBounty Rapid Tach III

    The Rapid Tach III quick-change coupler is approved to work with LaBounty mechanical attachments, including concrete pulverizers, shears, grapples and Universal Processors.

  • Tensioned wedge-locking device provides added force to maintain a tight fit for reduced pin wear
  • Safety latch prevents wedge from sliding out if locking device is unintentionally removed
  • Rapid Latch Mounting Pad allows easy attaching and removing of attachments utilizing stiff arms
  • Rockland ER Rocklock

    The Rocklock hydraulic excavator couplers are fully automatic, so the operator never has to leave the cab when changing attachments.

  • Picks up attachments bracketed for different machines and enables attachment use in reverse position
  • Can be used with various machines regardless of make
  • Locking mechanism always visible from the cab
  • John Deere Hydraulic Quick Coupler

    The Worksite Pro hydraulic quick coupler allows for quick pickup and switching between backhoe-loader attachments.

  • Designed for Deere 310G, 310SG, 410G and 710G backhoe-loaders
  • Single floating hydraulic cylinder
  • Control switch center mounted on front console
  • Kenco WedgeBolt Coupler System

    The WedgeBolt Coupler System allows interchanging of attachments between all brands of excavators.

  • Installation and removal in under five minutes via two bolts
  • Easily adapts to fit any attachment
  • Maintains excavator breakout force and bucket tip radius
  • Hendrix II Quick Coupler

    The Hendrix II coupler is available for excavators from 20,000 to 100,000 lbs.

  • Rotating locking mechanism incorporates a double-acting cylinder with check valve and integrated compression spring
  • Includes mechanical lock pin as redundant safety feature
  • Cast components in high wear areas
  • Liebherr LIKUFIX System

    The LIKUFIX quick-coupler system is based on two connecting components attached to the existing Liebherr quick-coupler adapter and the hydraulic attachment.

  • All hydraulic connections made automatically for attachment changes within seconds without leaving the cab
  • For mechanical and hydraulic attachments fitted with quick-coupler adapter sizes 48 to 66
  • Suited for machines with 26,450- to 88,160-lb. service weights
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