Complete Flow Control

John Pursely, owner of Pursley Paving, a small sourthern Ontario company established in 1947, believes he has found a new competitive edge to help him win bids on larger contracts in the region.

Pursely was among the first paving contractors to test out the new V-Floor asphalt trailer introduced recently by Titan Trailers Inc., of Delhi, Ontario. He put it to work this past fall and now looks forward to saving costs with the unique unloader system in the coming year.

According to Pursely, the new 48-foot 5-axle trailer pays off for pavers by providing excellent load control, improved safety, bigger payloads and faster duty cycles than traditional dump trailers.

Titan introduced the world's first V-Floor trailer in 2003, adapting the steel-slatted live floor system from Keith Walking Floor to Titan's aluminum body Thinwall trailers for extreme-duty applications.

Combining durability, high bulk capacity and a level loading floor, the Titan V-Floor trailers have received an enthusiastic welcome from scrap metal haulers and in mining and forestry applications. The newest version of the V-Floor trailer has been modified to handle the high heat of hot mix and to simplify clean-out. The height of the trailer was also shortened to reduce its weight and to help it retain heat in the asphalt.

Because the V-Floor unloads without dumping, says Pursely, the trailer delivers a better result for less cost.

"On larger projects, you'll see trucks dumping into a buggy to remix the asphalt before it feeds into the paver," Pursely says. "With the V-Floor unloader, you don't get segregation in the material. The asphalt walks off evenly. It drops maybe a foot of the load at a time, and you get a complete cross-section of the material. The hot mix basically remixes as it falls into the paver's hopper."

Pursely also appreciates the flow control and safety the trailer provides by unloading without having to elevate the body.

"With a dump body, once the load starts, it's coming," Pursely explains. "The V-Floor lets you control the flow rate completely. It comes with a remote control, so you could even run the unloader from the paver. You could unload 40 tons in 10 minutes if you wanted to, so it will keep up with any paver.

"The V-Floor trailer can also drive along on the shoulders of the road, where the slope might be too steep for a dump to raise a full load without tipping," he continues. "And when you're working around bridges or overhead wires, you don't need an extra flagman on the job because there's no danger cutting any lines."

Fewer and faster duty cycles
The strong but light extruded aluminum sidewalls and coupler plate of Titan's patented Thinwall body allow significantly larger payloads than steel dumps, while the V-Floor design eliminates the weight of the dump's subframe.

With the larger payloads and the efficiency of the Titan trailer, Pursely predicts that by using one of these trailers, he could have completed more shifts on his paver with fewer trucks.

"If you have fewer trucks doing the same work in every shift, by the end of the season, that's a huge competitive edge," he notes. "Plus, with its lighter weight, you save on fuel for the return side of every duty cycle. For some of the bigger jobs I did last summer, I could have blown my competition right out of the water if I'd had this trailer."

Titan also equips its asphalt trailer with a new V-Plow clean system, another innovation that follows the load off and cleans up behind automatically, saving even more time between cycles. "I bet a guy couldn't sweep up a handful of material from what was left inside," says Pursely. "This saves maybe a half-hour a day, and could add up to $1,000 savings a month all on its own."

Titan President and founder Mike Kloepfer says he is very pleased with the response his new trailer is getting from pavers, and expects that more advantages will prove out as they go into more widespread service.

"One reason our V-Floor trailer has caught on so well is its incredible versatility. It's what you need for abrasive bulk materials and heavy demolition or scrap loads. But then you can load it with anything you might put in a dry van or flatbed or hopper trailer, from aggregate to paletted products," he explains. "Paving companies in the south can run these units as asphalt haulers and earn more with them all year. But our customers in colder climates can now look at different contracts too, to keep their trailers running when not paving in the off-season.

"It's all about finding more ways to help our customers operate their businesses more profitably," Kloepfer concludes.

Bomag BW24RH Roller
Bomag introduces the BW24RH pneumatic-tired roller featuring a hydrostatic drive system, two-point steering pivot and enhanced access to all maintenance points. Powered by a 99-hp water-cooled Deutz diesel engine, the unit features an ergonomic operator's station designed for optimum visibility. It includes two steering wheels, a sliding/swiveling seat and automotive-style accelerator and brake pedals. Offering a fully ballasted operating weight of 52,911 pounds, the unit delivers a maximum per-wheel load of 6,614 pounds. The eight tires — four in front and four in the rear — have a total coverage area of 80 inches with a 2-inch tire track overlap.

Terex Roadbuilding E100P Asphalt Plant
Terex Roadbuilding's E100P super- portable asphalt plant features a counterflow drum mixer design, which delivers production capacities reaching 100 tph. With the Impulse X controls package, the E100P is capable of running a wide range of mix designs, including tough state spec mixes for Interstate paving. Featuring counterflow technology, the E100P drum mixer can run higher percentages of RAP than parallel-flow plants, while keeping within environmental regulations.

Caterpillar AP-1055D Asphalt Paver
The AP-1055D is a high-production, 10-foot asphalt paver featuring a Cat C7 engine with ACERT technology. Features include dual operator stations, Mobil-trac undercarriage or steel track undercarriage and a high-capacity cooling package. The material-handling system features independent feeder and auger controls. Working lights are standard. Optional features include deceleration pedal, generator system and auxiliary power panel.

Wellington Alloys Plates, Chutes & Hoppers
A new line of abrasion-resistant steel products from Wellington Alloys is designed to resist abrasion and impact in asphalt plants. Wellbraze and Well-Clad alloy steel products are used in fabricating chute liners, hoppers, tumbling barrels, conveyor parts, impellor fan blades, and more. Wellbraze is a solid sheet (homogenous) with high manganese and nickel content. Well-Clad is an impact and wearing chromimum-carbide overlay applied to a very ductile, easy-to-weld, easy-to-form, low carbon steel substrate.

Kenco Barrier Lift
The Barrier Lift is suited for aligning barriers that have already been placed and can be used on any concrete surface, including median barriers, sound walls, curbing and piling. Unit provides 5 to 1 grip ratio on the barrier to safely and efficiently grip load. An automatic actuator allows for hands-free barrier movement. All models are available with optional self-aligning guides. Lifting capacities available from 1,500 to 30,000 lbs.

Bobcat K-Series Loaders
The new generation of Bobcat loaders — the K-Series — includes skid-steer loaders (S130 through S300), compact track loaders (T140 through T300) and the A300 all-wheel steer loader. New to the K-Series is the SmartFAN cooling system, a hydraulically driven cooling fan that senses the ambient and machine temperatures and then self-regulates to rotate only as fast as it needs to. The new K-Force hydraulic system features a dedicated charge pump that provides an 8 percent increase in hydraulic breakout forces, hydraulic lift to full height and attachment torque.

Dynapac Tandem Asphalt Rollers
Dynapac's new CC232 HF/232 HF tandem asphalt rollers feature a high vibration frequency with low amplitude. Other features include a large water tank, sprinkler timer and large fuel tank. The CC232 has split drums, which reduce the risk of cracks in asphalt on sharp curves. Powered by an 82-hp Deutz air-cooled turbo diesel, units offer an 18,520- and 20,065-pound maximum operating weight. Centrifugal force per drum at high/low amplitude is 20,060/15,800 pounds.

Transpo EnviroSafe Stormwater Control
The EnviroSafe Stormwater Sediment Control Sack (ESSCS) system captures and retains pollutants from jobsite stormwater runoff. Designed to fit a range of rectangular and combination curb/drop inlets using adjustable flange technology, the system can be configured to fit catch basins from 16" x 16" to 50" x 50". ESSCS plus is fitted with AEGIS-treated Microbe Shield X-Tex replaceable liner to capture pathogens, hydrocarbons, oil and grease, while retaining material to 212 microns.

Powerscreen Chieftain 1400 Rinser
Powerscreen's Chieftain 1400 Rinser is a high-capacity, fully mobile washing screen that includes a feed hopper with reject grid, feed conveyor, washing screen and fully enclosed power unit. Standard split-bottom deck produces one or two grades of sand. Unit offers an optional double-deck vibrating grid on the feeder. The Chieftain 1400 converts easily to a dry screen and is available with a wheeled or tracked undercarriage and single- or double-deck vibrating grizzly.

Grasan Cone Crusher Plants
Grasan offers standard and custom-built cone crusher plants in road-portable, pit-portable and stationary designs. Grasan can provide a variety of crusher brands or can utilize a new or used cone crusher provided by the customer. All chassis frames are structurally engineered with high-strength, wide-flange steel beams for long, trouble-free service life. A variety of axle configurations are available to meet load requirements of the states where the unit will operate. Grasan can design a plant with cone only, cone with discharge conveyor and/or feed conveyor, or can mount a scalping screen ahead of the cone. The company will build to customer specifications or will custom-design to meet application requirements. Grasan can also design entire crushing, screening, conveying, stacking and feed/storage systems for quarry and concrete/asphalt recycling operations of all types and sizes.

Ingersoll Rand Compactors
Ingersoll Rand manufactures three models of high frequency, high amplitude compactors — the DD-118HFA, the DD-138HFA, and the DD-158HFA. Through the innovative new SMART drum technology developed by Ingersoll Rand, each of these HFA compactors can be used for a wide range of applications. Units are engineered with eight amplitude settings, using patent-pending technology. Each amplitude setting is automatically adjusted to the highest frequency for that amplitude selection, which enables the operator to use lower amplitudes with higher frequency on thinner lifts to increase productivity with decreased risk of damage to aggregate structure or subgrade, and higher amplitude with lower frequency on thicker lifts and stiffer materials. In its highest amplitude setting, the DD-118HFA has a maximum centrifugal force of 42,070 pounds with vibration frequency ranging from 3,000 to 4,200 vpm. The DD-138HFA has a maximum centrifugal force of 41,715 pounds in its highest frequency setting with vibration frequency ranging from 2,700 to 4,000 vpm. The DD-158HFA has a maximum centrifugal force of 44,910 pounds in its highest amplitude setting with vibration frequency ranging from 2,500 to 3,400 vpm.