New Rental Products July 2005

General J-2512 Typhoon Trailer Jet

The J-2512 Typhoon trailer jet blows away blockages in big lines and long runs. The Typhoon delivers 12 gpm at 2,500 psi to blast lines clean of grease, sediment and debris. A 200-gal. holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications where access to water is limited. The Typhoon features electric brakes, safety strobe light, three safety cones with holder, rear fold-down stabilizer jacks, retractable hose guide arm and antifreeze system as standard equipment.

Goossen SB3500 Straw Blower

The new SB3500 offers fast, even, high-capacity mulching with only two operators. Unit can mulch four to eight bales per minute with a 360-degree range of operation. Features include a 31-hp Vanguard gas engine with electric start, heavy-duty #80 chain flails, quiet operation and easy access to blower and all drive systems. The SB3500 has automatic belt tensioning -no gearboxes. Optional features include high-density poly blower liner and two-wheel, 6- by 10-ft. trailer.

CS Unitec MDM-35

The MDM-35 portable magnetic drill is designed to be an affordable hole cutting solution for steel fabricators, contractors and plant maintenance operations. With a 9.5-amp/110-volt motor and no-load speed of 450 rpm, this machine drills holes up to 1 3/8 in. diameter with annular cutters in structural steel and other materials. An automatic cooling/lubrication system is included to increase the life of the annular cutters by reducing friction and wear. The high-density, dual-coil magnet has a holding strength of up to 2,350 lbs.

HindSite Software

HindSite Software captures instant time card information, accurately tracks materials and complete job detail. Using a hand-held device in the field eliminates pain points associated with paper work orders such as illegible handwriting, mistakes caused by double entry and inaccurate time and material records. At the end of the day, information is transmitted to the office where it is stored and organized. The software includes a comprehensive customer database, prompt scheduling and has a direct interface with QuickBooks and other popular accounting packages.

Crary Bear Cat 12-in.-capacity Chipper

The Model 7812086 Bear Cat chipper can handle branches up to 12 in. in diameter via its 14- by 20-in. feed opening. Powered by an 86-hp Kubota four-cylinder, turbocharged, Tier II diesel engine, this chipper features a 990-lb. 46- by 2-in. solid-steel cantilever chipping disc with four reversible chipper blades, an integrated feed sensor system with try-again feature and instant reverse, 16.5-in.-diameter single-feed roller with hydraulic lift assist and 8.5-in. square discharge chute that rotates 360°.

Thomas 35DT

The Thomas 35DT tracked mini skid steer has been redesigned from the ground up and features an enclosed drive system, integrated, large-volume fuel and hydraulic oil reservoirs as well as a larger operator compartment. The 35DT track drive features a longer wheelbase and increased wrap around the drive sprockets to reduce the possibility of slippage or ratcheting. The ride-on loader’s 9-in. rubber tracks are designed to provide smooth operation, increased flotation and maximum traction. Unit is powered by a Kubota diesel engine which puts out over 25 net hp.

Rammax RAV Series from Multiquip

Rammax’s new RAV Series boom-mounted compactors from Multiquip are designed for efficient and trouble-free mobile and crawler excavation. The compactors, capable of generating centrifugal force up to 24,750 lbs., are ideal for applications including slope and hillside compaction, structure backfill, pipeline construction and work in confined spaces. Compactors can be equipped with a hydraulic quick-change device that allows operators to change buckets, breakers, hammers and any other tool in seconds without leaving the cab.

Fecon FG58

Fecon adds the FG58 front-mounted grapple for skid steers to its line of vegetation management and reforestation products. The FG58 weighs 800 lbs., has a static load lifting weight of 8,990 lbs. and a dynamic load lifting weight of 2,810 lbs. The maximum opening is 58 in. and can open in .8 seconds at 15 gpm. Closing time is 1.0 seconds at 15 gpm. The FG58 is ideal for tree removal and landscaping applications.

Sioux S2D250 GTTM Weed Eradication System

The Weed Blaster from Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp. applies low-pressure steam to the leaves of unwanted vegetation, thereby melting the protective wax surface and halting the process of photosynthesis without chemicals or soil disturbance.

Rako Miniveyor

The recently introduced 3M49C-1HP Miniveyor is fitted with a high-power 370W single motor running at 0.32 m/s. Advantages over older models include increased power delivery and improved motor design that increases reliability over older generation motors. Other advantages include a simplified belt tensioning system and reduced maintenance costs. Unit also operates with 24-volt safety circuit.

Concrete Barrier Grab from Clamp Co.

The Concrete Barrier Grab is made with T-1 steel, fatigue-proof pins and Clamp Co.'s own indexing mechanism which was designed and tested through the University of Maine Advanced Manufacturing Center College of Engineering. Grabs are designed for repetitive lifting of standard-sized concrete barriers with virtually no manual assistance. Available with urethane pads or hardened steel points.