Earthmoving Alternatives

Terex TS14G Scraper

The TS14G has a 20-cu.-yd. heaped capacity and a 14-cu.-yd. struck capacity.

  • 48,000-lb. payload
  • 352-gross-hp engine
  • Seven-speed electronically controlled transmission with sequential "bump" shift for smooth, low-effort changes
  • Power-down apron for positive closing and precision ejection
  • Cushioned bowl suspension
  • ROPS/FOPS panoramic cab
  • John Deere Articulated Dump Trucks

    The 250D, 300D, 350D and 400D articulated dump trucks offer design improvements that deliver a higher horsepower to weight ratio.

  • 350D and 400D feature a turbocharged, intercooled Mercedes Benz 11.95-liter V6 engine
  • 250D and 300D feature a turbocharged, intercooled John Deere 6081H in-line six-cylinder engine with exhaust brake
  • Sound-insulated cab with fully adjustable sprung air suspension seat
  • Reynolds 20E12.5 Scraper

    The 20-cu.-yd.-capacity (heaped) 20E12.5 "ejector" pull-type scraper is suited for use with 375- to 500-hp tractors.

  • Provides a 12.5-ft. cut
  • Utilizes the SDS synchronized ejector system
  • Hydraulic manifold with integral valves control all scraper functions
  • Port Industries Scoop-All Scrapers

    The Scoop-All line of pull-behind scrapers are available with standard 26-ply aircraft tires or Bigfoot flotation tires.

  • Hydraulic system includes a manifold control block
  • Alloy steel components
  • Solid alloy steel side arms
  • ICON Industries 721 Pull-type Scraper

    The 721 pull-type scraper is available for use with rubber track or tire tractors up to 600 engine hp.

  • Also available as Dolly Carriage System for steel track tractors up to 400 engine hp
  • 21-cu.-yd. maximum load capacity
  • Tandem operation capability
  • Komatsu HM400-1 Articulated Truck

    The HM400-1 articulated truck features a maximum gross vehicle weight of 147,435 lbs., allowing up to a 40-ton payload at its top-rated speed of 36.5 mph.

  • 9-ft. 9-in. loading height
  • 70° dump angle
  • 29.2-cu.-yd. bed capacity
  • Two-stage body lift cylinder
  • Powered by a 430-flywheel-hp Komatsu SAA6D140E-3 engine
  • Caterpillar 735 Articulated Truck

    The 735 articulated truck features an electronically controlled engine and purpose-built transmission.

  • Rated at a 35-ton payload
  • 365-hp Cat 3406E diesel engine
  • New hitch design, rear-mounted cooling system integrated with new styling and a new operator station and center-mounted cab
  • Cross-axle differential lock and inter-axle differential lock systems
  • Case 335 and 340 Articulated Trucks

    Case has expanded its 300 Series articulated trucks with the introduction of the 335 with 380 hp and a 35-ton capacity, and the 340 with 426 hp and a 40-ton capacity.

  • Integrated differential mounted to the transmission for increased tractive effort and reduced noise and vibration
  • Dump cylinders housed inside the frame
  • Remote start and warm-up circuit to enhance component life
  • Automated lubrication to all grease points
  • Cab controller monitors all fluid levels and temperatures
  • Ashland I-110XL and I-130XL scrapers

    The 11.3-cu.-yd. I-110XL and 13.3-cu.-yd. I-130XL pull-type front dolly wheel hydraulic ejection earthmovers from Ashland Industries are designed for contractors using MFWD tractors or medium-sized dozers.

  • No specialized tractor drawbars are required
  • Front dolly wheels provide land following ability independent of power unit
  • 56-in. front gate clearance
  • Volvo Articulated Haulers

    The Volvo articulated hauler line includes 4x4 and 6x6 wheel configurations with payload capacities ranging from 26.5 to 41 tons.

  • Three-point front suspension
  • Volvo Engine Brake on A35D and A40D
  • Six-wheel disc brakes
  • Designed for easy serviceability
  • Caterpillar 620G Tractor Scrapers

    The single-engine 621G, 623G with elevating scraper and tandem-engine 627G are now equipped with a Cat C15 tractor engine with ACERT technology.

  • Deliver 330 hp in lower gears and 365 hp in higher gears
  • Heaped capacities of 22 or 23 cu. yds. with rated loads from 52,800 to 55,115 lbs.
  • Caterpillar Next Generation Modular Radiator reduces clogging in severe applications
  • John Deere Scrapers

    The 1512E Fixed-Blade Ejector and 1512C Carry-All scraper are designed for precision land leveling, construction of ponds, levees and terraces and site preparation.

  • Holds 15.5 cu. yds. of fill
  • Fully compatible with John Deere 8020 and 9020 Series tractors
  • Work in single or tandem operations
  • Hoelscher Scrapers

    Hoelscher’s scraper line offers models with load capacities from .73 to 1.3 cu. yds.

  • Frost bit-style or 6-in. double bevel cutting edges
  • Maximum depths from 1.25 to 4 in.
  • Available for use with 35- to 50-hp tractors
  • Category 1 three-point hitch required
  • Weights from 820 to 1,360 lbs.
  • Overall widths from 64.25 to 78 in.
  • RB series available with 24-in. roller
  • Terex TA30

    The TA30 high-powered, heavy-duty articulated truck delivers effective performance with low maintenance requirements.

  • 30.9-ton maximum payload
  • 22.9-cu.-yd. heaped capacity
  • 350-gross-hp engine
  • 49,430-lb. net vehicle weight with a gross vehicle weight of 111,160 lbs.
  • Loading