Equipment rental: The sustainable choice

Sustainable innovation has become increasingly important in recent years. Customers are under pressure to reduce their environmental impact, especially their carbon footprint, in the face of anticipated carbon regulation. At the same time, many customers have realized that a sustainable approach is one that can often save money as well as improve safety and efficiency. The result is more customers are actively looking for suppliers and solutions that can contribute to their sustainability efforts.

Equipment rental is one such solution.

In many cases, equipment rental is an intrinsically more sustainable and efficient option for customers than the outright purchase of specialized equipment. Each piece of rental equipment can be shared by many users, raising its overall utilization efficiency and conserving resources that might otherwise have gone toward the manufacture of new units. With rentals, customers also don’t have to worry about equipment reliability, delivery or storage.

It starts with the bidding process

During the bidding process for any sustainable project, an important consideration, that can set any contractor apart, is the ability to measure the CO2 generated in connection with the project. A sample report could be included with the bid proposal. The final report would be presented at the conclusion of the job. This final report would reflect the CO2 emitted on the project by the equipment used.

Companies like RSC Equipment Rental can help contractors with such reporting. For example, RSC’s Equipment Emissions Tracking (E2T) solution calculates CO2 and criterial pollutant emissions from equipment usage. For more information, visit RSC’s website

Over the past several years the increase in regulation, as well as the economic recession, has positioned companies and contractors to implement practices and processes that truly drive money to the bottom line. As a result, there is a need to focus on sustainability the “right way”. This is the only way to have a truly sustainable business because it will help you drive revenue while reducing your costs. Equipment rental is one way to maximize this reality.