Tough Times? Get Tough!

Well it’s pretty evident to everyone that the economy is bad and not going to get better any time soon. Pavement people feel that just like everyone else as property managers get budgets slashed for maintenance because their properties or retail outlets are not making money either.

But there is still work out there. As of late July we have had over 5,000 searches for contractors this year, and our main website averages around 1,500 visitors a day with our informational site averaging around 400 page views per week. While these are not the best numbers we’ve ever seen, they are holding steady with previous years at this time. So people are still looking for quality workmanship because if they do have to have work done, they know they’re not going to be able to budget for having it done again anytime soon.

And that’s where selling quality comes in. Identifying yourself as a quality contractor who guarantees his work and has the appropriate insurance makes it easier for the customer to find the type of contractor that he wants -- instead of some fly-by-night or somebody that does cheap work to keep their prices down. If they are looking at you as in NPCA member they already know that the quality is going to be there; being in NPCA is like a “seal of approval.” But it is your job to explain why rising prices have affected our industry just like others, and if they want to get the best value for their dollar, it’s going to cost more than it did in the past, just like everything else. Remember these folks go to the grocery store or a gas station just like the rest of us, and they have noticed the increase in prices just like we have.

So don’t let the economic times scare you. Yes many contractors who just got in the business and have a heavy debt load and poor sales skills might not make it; a lot of them have already folded up. It’s your job to establish yourself as being among the highest quality contractors, telling people on your website and via other communications that when they buy from you, they will be getting a long-lasting quality. So don’t panic and don’t give up . As the saying goes, “When the times get tough the tough get tougher.” It’s going to require different marketing, harder selling, and providing a great product. You can survive and thrive if you know how to work in tough times.

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