Industry Representation Benefits Billions

In 2009 the American Society of Association Executives indicated that there were over 90,000 trade and professional associations in the United States. With so many organizations that represent literally billions of people’s interests, you may ask yourself what is the purpose and how can this benefit me? The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is the organization representing the power sweeping industry and if your company is not a member, it should be and here’s why.

Associations are organized for a variety of reasons but there is always one commonality. Associations create benefits for the membership and provide opportunities to improve the industry. By providing services that improve the bottom line for its members, the result is growth and stability for the member as well as the industry. These services can include discount programs, education and professional development, information, standards and certification, forums for problem discussion and much more.

One member benefit that NAPSA is bringing to its membership would be the free seminars available at Pavement LIVE. The savings for the individual attending member is approximately $300 each on this one tradeshow alone and NAPSA members will also receive this savings at National Pavement Expo in Memphis as well! Take a look at the schedule of free NAPSA events at Pavement LIVE:

Other benefits to NAPSA members include a free listing on the contractor locator on the NAPSA website and discounts on supplier and manufacturer products, fuel, credit card processing, insurance, employment law counseling and much more.

For more information about joining NAPSA visit or contact our office at 888-757-0130.