Mexico Builds Bridges with Linden Comansa Cranes

The "México - Tuxpan" highway is one of Mexico's major communication projects, and will link the capital city with the coast town of Tuxpan, in the Gulf of Mexico. This highway means an enormous investment, not only because of the 182-mile-long way, but also due to the country's complicated orographical conditions, which have forced to project 1.5 miles of bridges and 2.5 miles of tunnels.

In the State of Puebla, for the almost 23 miles between Necaxa and Ávila Camacho alone, 16 bridges have been projected, and among all of them stands out the 2.789-ft.-long San Marco bridge. Five Flat-Top 21 LC 290 18t from Linden Comansa are being used on this bridge, especially for the construction of the pillars. One of the pillars will be more than 656 ft. high, which will make it the planet's second highest bridge over pillars, after the Millau viaduct in France.

The cranes at the San Marco bridge have a maximum load of 39,683 lbs., have been erected with their maximum jib-length of 246 ft., and can load up to 5,952 lbs. at the jib end. When the project is close to finish, the cranes will reach spectacular heights, due to Linden Comansa's climbing system and a large number of ties. From pillar two to pillar six of the bridge, the cranes will reach heights of 344, 649, 800, 459 and 246 ft. respectively.

Groke, Linden Comansa's official dealer in Mexico, is the maker of the work of these 5 cranes in this section of the project, granted to the consortium formed by Mexican ICA and Spanish FCC.