New Content-focused Website...Bookmark It!

Late last month Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction’s website received an overhaul – and we hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit, spend some time getting the lay of the land, and bookmark us for future reference.

The new site, part of Cygnus Business Media’s, takes a content-focused approach that provides site users with access to a wide variety of information from all Cygnus construction-related publications: Pavement, Asphalt, Concrete Contractor, Equipment Today, Sustainable Construction, and Rental. Because of the way the site is structured you don’t have to subscribe to all these magazines to have access to all the great information they publish. When you visit the site and search for a topic the search results will contain all articles published by these Cygnus magazines. It’s a pretty amazing amount of content that will only continue to grow. So visit (and bookmark!)

As before you can access Pavement’s current issue ( and click on “Magazines” – bookmark it!) but now there’s also a special Pavement Maintenance location devoted to timely news, hot topics, and other articles from Pavement’s editorial staff. And we’ve made it easy to get to this special focus on the paving & pavement maintenance industry: Just type in and you’ll go right to it. Four articles rotate through a carousel and are updated regularly. A drop-down menu within Pavement Maintenance offers locations specific to each segment of the industry: Striping, Sealcoating, Repair, Sweeping and Asphalt Paving for information specific to that segment.

The new site not only offers a much richer variety of content, it’s a much nicer place to visit with a cleaner look that’s easier to read with quicker access to entire articles. So check it out, spend some time there, search to see what you can find – and let us know what you think. You can post on our Facebook page ( or just send me an e-mail at